I think I’m supposed to start with an introduction.  

I am Brewa, a level 80 dual spec kitty/bear in the World of Warcraft.  I’ve only been playing for approximately a year, including a several month break in there.  I’ve been 80 since the beginning of October.  I raid a little, PVP a little, and am a thoroughly unabashed achievement whore.  (How bad do you ask?  I got Elders of Eastern Kingdoms on my very first toon, before ever reaching level 50.  I died, a lot.)
Outside the computer, I am a divorced and engaged father of 2 girls.  A desk jockey by day and a waiter by some nights.  My daughters who are 7 and 9 seem fascinated by this game and my lovely fiancée not only tolerates my mild addiction to this world, but plays with me and in fact introduced me too it.

I seemed to have come late to the party in Warcraft, so I’ve spent a lot of time attempting to catch up.  One thing I’ve noticed in recently though is a severe lack of DPS kitty blogs.  So, I thought I would rectify that by adding a new one to the mix.

I am a kitty primarily, but dabble in bear on the side.  In kitty, I’ve got my dps to a pretty solid level, now I really need to work on managing the “little things” that can really make or break a raid, managing interrupts, managing aggro, knowing when to rez, and probably some more I’m not quite sure on.

As for bear, I just ran bear last night in a few random heroics, for the first time in a while,  and I felt Lucy from “I Love Lucy” working the chocolate conveyer belt.  I was button pressing and just hoping, somehow, the mobs would stick to me. 

I don’t know if I am your “typical” blogger.  I feel like I’ve got a lot to learn, so this may be more of a discussion than, “Hey this is a good way to do it!”  This blog is bound to evolve as myself, the game and other players do.  I’m not promising a work of art, but hopefully it will be an interesting ride, hopefully you will find some entertainment and education by coming with me.  Thanks for reading.


3 Responses to “Introduction”

  1. kattrinsaa Says:

    I know the feeling, I run Boomkin/Bear specs and i’m not very confident yet in all things bear. It’s always a relief to trade fur for feathers, as long as i don’t have leaves i’m happy.


  2. @valkyrierisen Says:

    Welcome to the wow blogosphere! And, I think blog – as – conversation is a good thing! We can only read the same “how-to” stuff so many times, ya know 😉


  3. Clapus Says:

    Kitty/Bear also. Job keeps me from anything but casual/pug raiding. The guild takes me along on nights we can cough up 25 players and I even get a shot at some gear upgrades, thank goodness for frost badges.
    You’re on my list.


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