Aggro Update

So, I messed with the settings of Omen last night.  Now at 80% threat it screams at me, flashes the screen gives me a pseudo raid warning.  And at that point I cower, ask for a Hand of Salvation, or just start whacking it in cow form if need be, backup heal, something to reduce my threat.

I also ended up getting Enchant Cloak – Subtlety added to my cloak, figuring the loss of AGI is worth the added time below the “Threat Cap.”

I’ll let you know how it all works out.


6 Responses to “Aggro Update”

  1. Razor Says:


    That enchant might be something to consider if you raid with an undergeared tank. Otherwise, aggro should not be a problem and you’re just losing dps? Well, please let us know if you noticed a difference (dps and/or threat).

    Nice with a new feral blog =)


    • feralinstincts Says:

      He’s a little less geared than me, but not a whole lot so. I was pushing over 6k in the fight though and wasn’t paying attention to my aggro. Using Rawr, the 22 less agi from the enchant only drops my DPS by about 20 DPS unbuffed and 34 in full raid buffs, which probably amounts to only a statistical error in recount. Whereas, if I can go full out DPS for 2% longer… 😉

      But I’ll let you know what I see in a raid situation.


  2. Eberron of Ravenholdt Says:

    Stop looking for a new enchant and start looking for guides to send your tank. XD


    • feralinstincts Says:

      lol. The guy tanking that night is our guild leader. He studies the fights extensively and probably knows most of them better than any of us combined. This was my fault and I’m looking for ways to make it better.


  3. Rooibos Says:

    I believe that cower is a fixed amount of aggro reduction and very little at that. Which is to say that as your gear scales, the aggro reduction doesn’t. So it’s not the best thing to rely on whereas salv or an MD to the tank might be more effective. When pulling aggro best to just stop attacking. Just stopping autoattacks should reduce it a fair amount.


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