A Round of Thank Yous

I wrote my first couple posts on this blog and no one showed up.  I was starting to think, maybe no one would be interested.

Then I e-mailed John at the Big Bear Butt Blog, asking for advice, because I read him almost daily.  And he linked me and all of a sudden there all sorts of people here.

So I wanted to thank you John for the linkage, it has been a huge help.

And then I wanted to take a moment to thank all the people who have been visiting and commenting.  Already my head has been swimming from the amount of information from everyone’s comments, now just to sort it all out. 😉

So thank you all.  And now I will go back to posts about WoW, I promise.


4 Responses to “A Round of Thank Yous”

  1. crankyhealer Says:

    Yes! Keep posting! I need my fix of kitteh info. Nom nom.


  2. Darsonsind Says:

    even i am not a kitty, as a tree/offspec bear, i would love to read your post. Keep the posting. I am truly enjoying to read your post. Keep the hard work. 😀

    yes i am a full time healer and a part time tank (guildmates and fds are always commenting how bad i was tanking such as loosing aggo, accident pulling, etc.) but, sharing those memories with everyone could make yourself to do better next time (like building aggo faster on mobs, monitoring aggo table, cast rejv more, gemming decision, respec talent to experience the diff, addon, etc).

    Darsonsind of Elune


  3. Dharmabhum Says:

    I’m here!! Love reading thoughts and input from others. Bear, kitty, I’m game!


  4. Bear Pelt Says:

    :3 keep it up~


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