The Weekend

The weekend a chance to unwind, relax and play a little WoW.

Sounds wonderful, unfortunately that’s not how it works for me.

Today, I leave the day job and go wait tables tonight and then for another 10 to 12 hours tomorrow.

Sunday, I’ll usually get a little WoW time in there, but there’s a certain 9-year-old in my life who has a birthday party this Sunday, where I brave the wilds of Chuck-E-Cheese.  I hope I come out alive.  (Side note, when did it change from Showbiz Pizza?)

So I should get *some* time in this weekend.  Get my random in before I collapse after work tonight.  Usually get a little time in on Sat morning before I run away to work.  Then on Sun morning, it will probably be the same way this week.

I either have an ICC 10 or ToC 25 run on Sunday night depending on if folks shows up for the ICC 10 raid.  But otherwise, I plan on continuing my work on Loremaster and Wintergrasp Veteran.  (Although part of me is saying, “You should really work on a PVP set so you’re not running WG in PvE gear!”  And then another part says, “But you were talking about trying to heal as well and you haven’t even started on that set!”)  WTB more bag space and specs, oh yeah and time always want more of that! 😉

So what are your plans for the weekend?


10 Responses to “The Weekend”

  1. Dracomage Says:

    Ah Weekend wars at Chuck-Cheese…

    Both my wife and I agree that place is EVIL. We had 1 birthday party at the local ChuckE and vowed never to return.

    Any party invite that shows up for ChuckE, gets throw in the trash.

    Weekend plans.
    I am leading a couple of training/gearing up raids. Intended for new raiders, lower-geared people as well as Alts of our experienced raiders.

    We’ll try for a Naxx clear, Sarth and maybe Onyxia as well.


  2. Darsonsind Says:

    My weekend plan is enjoying with my lovely GF and raiding on Sunday for ICC 10. Let pray for my internet service provider to fix my connection problem today. I am hoping the ICC 10 group will have either Rotface / Festergut / blood prince council down.


  3. Stonedrake Says:

    As far as I know, Chuck E. Cheese and Showbiz are separate chains. Of course, I haven’t lived in the states for like five years, so that might have changed. 😀


    • feralinstincts Says:

      Not that I know of. The one I’m going to this weekend with my kids, is the one I went to as a kid. As a kid, it was Showbiz Pizza at some point it changed name to Chuck-E-Cheese. Heck, Chuck E Cheese was on the stage at Showbiz Pizza when I was a kid. They even recycle the old commercials. Once upon a time it was, “Showbiz Pizza where a kid can be a kid!” now it’s “Chuck E. Cheese’s where a kid can be a kid.” So if they were different chains, it must have been regional and both owned by the same company, like Hardee’s and Carl Jr.


    • feralinstincts Says:

      After your comment and my comment, I decided to do some research. Chuck E Cheese and Showbiz Pizza have been the same company since 1984. They actually competed with one another heavily before that and when one almost went bankrupt, the other bought it out. I was 5 at the time, so I guess some marketing guru decided Showbiz Pizza was not as attractive as Chuck-E-Cheese’s and changed them all.


      • Dharmabhum Says:

        Whoever chose Showbiz over Chuck-E-Cheese chose incorrectly. They still have the ball pit though right? CEC 4tW! have fun at the bday party!


      • feralinstincts Says:

        Nope. Most places no longer have the ball pits, kids were dragging too many things that shouldn’t be in there in there, so you would end up with moldy food and bugs and lost glasses and whatnot mixed in it all.


  4. efforvescent Says:

    I used to love chuck e cheese when i was little, but now its changed, and unfun 😛 then again i’m also an adult (which is debatable). Anyway, this weekend i get to work, then go raiding with my guild, probably gonna do the weekly. Maybe do some ICC farming. Yay!


  5. Kattrinsaa Says:

    Ahh the old ball pit, suddenly it puts me in mind of a vin-diesel movie.. The pacifier. His character is a navy seal, put in charge of a late scientists wife’s family while she goes to reclaim a lockbox. He has to take some of the kids to a similar restaurant (I think in the movie it was woody woodchucks.. lol) and somehow one of the kids gets left behind, this one still in diapers. he goes back, the kid is sitting in the ball pool, they fish him out… sans diaper. Vin dives in to search… a rather funny scene.


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