I’ve been doing it wrong.

With the recent changes to Resilience, I decided to look into this stat more.  Up until now, I’ve been running PvP battles in my PvE tank gear.  I tended to have a couple PvP pieces in my tank gear, because they were easy to get upgrades, but never really thought about getting a PvP set, thinking “Hey, this is good enough.”

Wow was I wrong, just looking at resilience.

For every 83 resilience rating at level 80, it gives you 1% resilience, which means you get:

  1. -1% chance of players critting against you.
  2. -2.2% damage taken from crits.
  3. -1% damage taken from players.
  4. -2.2% mana drain.

Mana drain I don’t really care about, but those other reductions are huge.  While the physical can be mitigated with armor and dodge (well dodge only if you are in front) this includes spells as well.

All that said, balancing resilience, health and attack power seems to be the basic tank scenario, although AP seems more important in this scenario than it would to a tank because you’re not just trying to hold aggro but inflict some serious harm.  

So, on top of the 50 billion other things I want to do in game, I now want to build a PvP set as well.  What makes it worse is the process of buying PvP gear is confusing as hell.  Some you can get with just honor or battleground tokens.  Some you can get with emblems.  Some require arena points.  And some require a certain arena rating.  (And I used to think buying PvE gear was confusing.)

Anyone know of any good resources for PvP gearing?


3 Responses to “I’ve been doing it wrong.”

  1. Saniel Says:

    I haven’t really done serious PvP since I started raiding (Kara) but I’ll offer what advice I can.

    Wintergrasp is an excellent place to start. You can get some reasonable items for the WG Marks of Honor. Plus if you do all the weekly quests and a battle or two a day, you can average an easy 30K Honor point gain each week, which will let you buy gear from the PvP hub for your respective faction. (This is how I get most of my Epic gems.)

    The Stonekeepers Shards will also net you a couple of good starter pieces if you have those stored up from your Heroic runs.

    From there you can upgrade as you see fit, doing whatever you need to do. Unless you run arenas you’ll never have access to the highest tiers of PvP gear (until Cataclysms rated BGs, anyway), but you should be able to pick up enough to satisfy most of your WG or BG needs.


  2. Email or Username Says:

    Most of the Mark of Wintergrasp gear seems to be the equivalent of Furious gear without the set bonus. I would recommend getting trinkets and rings from Wintergrasp and use the honor to buy Furious non-set peices. If you have a bunch of extra Triumph badges you can get the Furious set-bonus items in Dal, but with the next season of Arena coming soon, you might want to hold back in case they shift the PVP gear down a notch to make room for the new gear (ie Relentless becomes purchasable with badges/WG marks).

    Just my 2 cents. Also:
    – Avoid Arena’s until you have a decent set of gear with resilience.
    – Go duel people AND ask for advice whether you win or lose.


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