More Nerfs to Heroics Incoming

According to from patch notes  for 3.3.2 released on the official Korean site.  There are some class changes but what caught my eye was the notes on the heroics.  The nerfs follow, I didn’t bother copying the speed buffs to make the dungeons run a little faster.


  • Devourer of Souls will cast Mirrored Soul less often.
  • Trash mob Spell Reflect abilities have been changed. It now has a casting time, and will proc only twice at a rate of 75% instead of 100%.


  • Anomalus will create rifts only once.

Old Kingdom

  • Elder Nadox’s Ahn’kahar Guardian will only spawn once.
  • Jedoga Shadowseeker will initiate her volunteer phase only once.
  • Some trash packs between Nadox and Jedoga have been reduced/removed.


  • Players can bring down Skadi’s drake using only three harpoons, down from five.
  • Svala Sorrowgrave only casts Ritual of the Sword once, down from thrice.

Wow.  I had a whole bitch written out about these nerfs, but I realized I was ranting and rambling and repeating myself.  I don’t like it.  But I’ll probably keep shelling out my money and as such who am I to complain?

What do you think?


6 Responses to “More Nerfs to Heroics Incoming”

  1. Manxome Says:

    I figure heroics as a means to instruction are just about done anyway. All the heroic nerfs have been given in order to compensate for insane DPS vs. the fight as intended. Essentially, a raiding group can take any of the heroic encounters and spend very little time DPSing to the event and the events take longer than the fight. In this context they make sense.

    But in the context of a new 80, a want-to-be-a-raider-now experienced player, or even someone leveling an Alt, all those mechanics are (to some extent) useful to plan around and gain…what is it that makes up for when you don’t have the gear? Oh yeah, experience. Yeah. Well, the cynic in me says that either Blizz doesn’t care about that, or the folks they are ensuring get through to see the end content aren’t gonna learn anyway. Or both. Who knows.

    Now, the FoS nerf? Ok. Maybe the mirrored soul is too much. But…it never has been to me. I’d rather they balance these encounters around what we need to be in order to see the end content, not what we are. (i.e. if too many groups can’t stop DPSing through the Mirrored soul and fail…uh…that’s fine?)

    The spell reflect does seem like its up quite a bit. But, again, I’ve always seemed to have managed.

    I’d like to think Forge through Halls would remain challenging, but maybe they won’t be sooner than later.


  2. Bear Pelt Says:

    Well… Having never played end-game content, I probably will never know if they did similar with the content. On one hand all these nerfs are just getting rid of mere nuisances; on the other they really don’t garner situational awareness or the ability to follow instructions on a basic level, nor some kind of restraint.

    I really do not know.

    But I look forward to finally not needing to sit around doing nothing or switch to my pathetic caster form and churn out laughable 3-digit damage figures with my range spells for Svala Sorrowgrave.


  3. efforvescent Says:

    I think they are nerfing too much, if they want to cut something, cut how long it takes for Svala Sorrowgrave to initiate combat, or cut how long it takes Arthas to do anything in CoS. Then again all these cuts to instances, and buffs to players are just making everyone be more and more impatient, and spazzy 😛


  4. Fajsti Says:

    Its psychological. They want you to be stressed and they want you to play more and more. The whole thinking – I wonder if i can go for three hc in an hour leads to the thinking of maybe i can do four hc in an hour and so on. 😀


  5. Random Poster Says:

    Its weird really. I don’t like nerfs to content but to me personally all that stuff is annoying and doesn’t make the content harder anyway. Then again I am not a “fresh” player so I just view crap like Anomalus, or DoS or other fight mechanics that just make you sit there as annoyances at this point.


  6. Novinian Says:

    WOW making easy fights even more easy? they have taken all strategy out of this game. i hope cataclysm is going to bring the game back to its roots and make it interesting.


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