Testing my Tanking in the 5 Mans pt 2

I’ve been swamped at work and gaming at home, which has led me from the path of consistent blogging.

In the week since I’ve last posted, I’ve run a bunch of 5 mans, (and a few bosses in Uld) most often as a tank trying to see what I can do.  

I only have one experience in 5 mans that stick out in my memory.  (I should have taken notes.)

Heroic Nexus.  Easy peasy right?  Well, I cued up with 2 guildies (including the pally I’m going to marry) for a random and we get heroic nexus.  I had been doing some farming for one of the WG weeklies and did not notice my bags were almost full.  So anytime I won a roll, I’d scour through my bags to find space, it would take me maybe 5 to 10 seconds.  There was a random warrior in the group that kept yelling at me to go.  I ignored him and kept going at my own pace.  Well after yelling a few more times, our mage and pally told him, that if he wanted to set the pace, he should tank next time.  Well, I keep going and he yells “wait” but I figure he can catch up, so he switches into tanking spec and starts trying to tank while I’m tanking.  I still managed to hold aggro for most of the rest of the run and he somehow took more damage than I did, despite only attempting to tank after we dropped into the part with all the tree people.  

The other major tanking point was last night, in a “Farm Freya” run for frost lotus.  It went fairly smoothly, actually, other than the trash in Freya’s area.  The tree, the centaur-thing, dragon and the flower.  The pally mt would go in and grab them all and I was supposed to peel off the tree and the dragon, usually I could get the dragon, but by the time my growl was up again, trying to target the tree out of the group clumped around the pally seemed very difficult.  Sometimes I got him and others I didn’t, not that it hurt our group not to grab it, but this was a chance for me to work on my tanking skills outside of 5 mans, which seem increasingly easy.  

Oh, I remember one story for UK, but I’ll save that one for later.


2 Responses to “Testing my Tanking in the 5 Mans pt 2”

  1. Random Poster Says:

    You could try hitting your second target with a FF as soon as you Growl the first one. Problem is it may, or may not, actually work depending on lag

    Better waysto do it with a Pally or DK.

    They pick where they want to tank their Mobs and lay down their AoE attack and you pull one of your mobs with FF and the rest run across their AoE, you then pull your second mob with growl


  2. oldrosa Says:

    You could focus your secondary target before the pull. Pull out the primary then click target your focus frame and pull it too…..or a target macro would work nicely too.


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