Truly Epic

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been working on the quest chain to upgrade Dungeon Set 1 to Dungeon Set 2.  The drops for Dungeon Set 1 are from Strat, Blackrock Spire, Scholo and Dire Maul.

The first chain has lead me from Org to Tanaris.  Then I had to get an engineered item, enchanting mats, an alchemy item, ground spawns from Burning Steppes and 40 gold.  After returning to Tanaris, I’m sent to get drops out of Eastern Plaguelands, Silithus and Winterspring.  Return to Tanaris and then off to kill an Elite in Burning Steppes, back to Tanaris, back to Winterspring and then back to Tanaris again, then finally back to Org to get your next two pieces upgraded.  And the next chain which I’m currently on has you delving into dungeons more.  Hell, I’m going to have to delve into BRD to get a smelting recipe and smelt three bars in the dungeon itself at 8 dark iron ores per bar.

Despite the fact that I’m vastly outgearing these instances/fights and can one shot a lot of things, the fact of the matter is, these chains, probably moreso than anything I’ve experienced in the game so far, feel Epic.  The gear is meaningless to me.  (Although, the itemization is kinda nifty, all of them have +STR, +AGI, +STA, +INT, +SPR and +SP.)  But honestly, even if I finish The Loremaster in the Old World, before I finish the chain, I am tempted to finish these quests.  (Which also has me pondering getting keyed for Ony and the opening of AQ chains, someday but not soon.)

I know Blizzard want to make things more accessible and I’m all for that.  I came late to the game and appreciate the chance to catch up.  But rather than hard-modes, can they find a way to include things that have this feel in the game?  Yes, we killed the hard boss, that is a huge accomplishment of teamwork and strategy.  But where is the sense of awe that comes from something of this proportion?  The new legendary items require farming on 25 mans.  I want to see an accomplishment, like this, that spans the entire world, multiple instances, that truly feels epic.

What has felt epic to you in WoW?  And what do you think?


3 Responses to “Truly Epic”

  1. Saniel Says:

    I did the quest chain for my Epic Flight form back in BC and thought that was pretty impressive and well put-together. As was the attunement for Kara.

    And, honestly, all of the questing in Icecrown felt pretty damn epic, especially with the phasing that showed real progress for your actions.


    • feralinstincts Says:

      I’ve only gotten 47 quests into IC so far, so I look forward to seeing what’s there when I get back to Northrend questing. And maybe I’m odd, but I did enjoy the quests to become neutral with Hodir. That was a nice arc as well. And maybe that’s part of it all. When I was leveling, I was focused on the quests some, but moreso on leveling, whereas now, I have much more interest in the story than I did before.


  2. Kattrinsaa Says:

    Agreed, druid flight form quest FTW, kara key kwest was kewl, and icecrown is great (except that sometimes the phasing makes it hard to get help when you need it.) I geeked out at the completion event of the netherwing repgrind (the first time.)

    I was not sufficiently levelled to experience the AQ gate event other than seeing the piles of junk accumulate in Ironforge.

    I’m hoping that I get a chance to storm ICC one of these days and get a shot at invincible mount. (unless that goes to the realm first kill or something.. I’ve only seen the screenshot on the webpage about invincible.)

    I do think they need some more epic quest chains (like the old hunter epic bow quest, or the druid fast flight quest) things that take you circling the world.


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