Tanking in the 5 Mans (UK)

So this was one of my more interesting 5 man tanking experiences.  Most of the run was very smooth.  However, there was a small hiccup near the beginning.  It was me, the pally I’m going to marry as my healer, and 3 pug DPS.  Well, we get to the room with the proto drakes and the proto drake riders.  I get the first couple on the left and then rush to the last one in the room.  It was probably my fault for not communicating well, but the whole room ended up getting aggroed.  (From the mage I’m told, but I didn’t see it happen.)  I’m running around, swiping my bear butt off trying to grab things and keep them in front of me, despite the fact my toon is not visible with all the mobs.

It was a bit too much for me to hold onto.  All the DPS hit the floor.  But I’m still swiping away, mauling, hitting beserk and mangle, hitting my cooldowns, doing whatever I can to hold onto these suckers.  My fiancée is healing her ass off.  The dead mage drops group.  And finally, after what seems like forever, there lies a pile of corpses at my feet and me and my favorite healer were still standing.  Rawr!

The folks who didn’t drop, cheer.  I am relieved.  And the rest of the run goes fine.  But I think Druid + Pally is most definitely FTW.


4 Responses to “Tanking in the 5 Mans (UK)”

  1. Darsonsind Says:

    well…you could try to mark a target mob for focus fire.
    and beserk really help you when you were feared.
    the trick on that room is avoiding aggro from other group. So you could try pull first group at the entrance. then move up to the drake on your left. next is pull the drake on the from the side at the exit. 3/4 pull in room could save a wipe / chaotic.



  2. Markus Laumann Says:

    My wife hit 80 on her pally and we’re assembling healer gear for her right now. Survivability is key and I fully agree with druid+pally when things hit the fan.


    • Ayaa Says:

      I dunno what sort of resources you and your wife have available Markus.. but the Sunforged BP & bracers served me VERY well for a good long while.


  3. Random Poster Says:

    “well…you could try to mark a target mob for focus fire.”

    Yeah good luck with that working in PuG 5’s these days.


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