I’m a big fan of David Allen’s “Getting Things Done.”  Unfortunately, I’m nowhere near as consistant with it as I should be.  But trying to hop back on the wagon today, got me thinking about priorities in WoW.

I’ve always struggled with priorities in general, both in game and out.  But I guess part of it is trying to figure out in general, what I want to do.

I obviously have set priorities with achievements.  I tend to post those every Tuesday.  But there are so many competing interesting things vying for my play time, I jump around on what I want to do.

Generally, my priority most days starts with my daily random for frost.  I almost always get that done.  And if there is an opportunity for a raid, that usually comes second.  Lately after that come working on Master of Wintergrasp and The Loremaster.  Oh, but then usually you can throw playing with the auction house alt in there.  And then there’s fishing to get Dragonfin Angelfish for my raid buff food, because it’s better for me than the Fish Feast.  And there’s still at least one upgrade I could use out of Halls of Reflection, but I haven’t been seeking out those runs.  And then the Battered Hilt is a pretty significant upgrade for me, but I can’t tell you the last time I ran one of the new instances when it didn’t pop up as a random.  The hilt and gear and fishing all aid in raids which are a higher priority for me than working on my achievements, but I haven’t been touching those.

Oh and there’s still upgrades I need for tanky gear.  And working on my PVP set.

(Can you see why I have no non-bank alts?)

And then there’s the ad-hoc things like when guildies are looking for someone to run something with them, which I feel guilty about doing less than I should lately to help them out.  Oh, and there are definitely upgrades in VoA for both PvP and PvE, but I haven’t been running that either.

Gah!  How do you juggle it all?


10 Responses to “Priorities”

  1. Metaphoria Says:

    First just let me say I really enjoy reading your blog.

    To address your post–I think the important thing to remember when it comes to WoW, is that this IS a game. It’s supposed to be fun… so forcing priorities on yourself isn’t necessary. In my opinion atleast. My friends are always like “you need to do this, you need to farm for that, you should do more of this…” I think it is important to just sit back, and enjoy the game–and if you are enjoying it then yeah, it may take longer to get to a certain point, but it’s much more fun in the end. 🙂



    • feralinstincts Says:

      But that’s just it, I *want* to do it all! And I want to be a good raider and want all the achievements and I want it all now! 😉

      I guess I go by the unofficial motto of my favorite school, “Work hard, play hard!”

      People seem to tell me to “remember it’s just a game” quite often though. 😉


    • Metaphoria Says:

      Oh, I totally understand, I’m just saying if it becomes more like an unpaid job than a game, then it isn’t much fun. 😀

      But I totally get the game ADD, and I have it myself. The hard thing that I’m facing is the balance between Bear gear and Healer gear–which do I focus on? Lately it’s been my tanking gear. Hopefully I can get them evened out. 🙂


      • Darsonsind Says:

        @ Meta
        i suggest you to focus on tree gears if you are lack of experiences on instances or raids content. Healers are the bored position especially in heroic dungeon currently. However, it is a good time to observe what right and what wrong on tanks. i learned how to tank as a bear from the eyes of tree.

        @ Feral
        i agree with you/ “work hard, play hard”. HEHE


  2. Saniel Says:

    I have a lot of the same issues. Do I do my tourney dailies? On which toon? Do I set up a raid? Do I fish? Do I run Heroics?

    Lately it’s been a slightly different deal: Do I play WoW or Mass Effect 2?

    ME’s been winning a lot more of my time and attention lately…


  3. Bear Pelt Says:

    Oh man, this is the bane of players who have to juggle ‘real life’ and ‘virtual life’! Your post prompted me to work out how much ‘spare’ time I actually have to WoW freely on a weekday, and it came up to about 1h 45mins (excluding raids). Somehow I manage to cramp in:

    1) Heroic daily
    2) Cooking daily
    3) Fishing daily
    4) Hydnir daily
    5) H-Utgarde Pinnacle
    + 1x mount farm run dungeon (see below)

    Prior to patch 3.3 I did AT dailies. Now there simply isn’t enough time at all within that 1.45 hours. And believe it or not before yesterday, I was running H-Magisters’ Terrace solo after all the above 5 listed until I got the White Hawkstrider. Before I took on farming the mount, I was running H-Sethekk Halls everyday for the Raven Lord mount.

    Oh yes, 2 raids’ mount runs are squeezed in if the lockouts have expired too 😛

    6) Zul-Gurub (2 bosses only) | Solo
    7) Karazhan (1 boss only) | Solo


    • feralinstincts Says:

      Cooking and fishing used to be literally daily for me. For a while there it was cooking, fishing, Argent Tourney, Oracles and Kal’uak. When I got Oracles and Kal’uak to exalted, and all the achievements for AT stuff, my cooking and fishing dailies kinda went *poof* too. I probably should go back to doing those since they’re quick and easy. And I was just talking to my fav pally last night about working on the Frenzyheart for a while to get those achievements. *grin*


  4. Dracomage Says:

    GTD is a great system, and like you said – you need to be very clear in your priorities, and stick to them. If needed evaluate them on a weekly basis and adjust – do not adjust at the spur of the moment.

    Using my version of the system:
    My WoW priorities:
    1) Equipping all my level 80 with good-enough gear to do heroics
    2) Have 1 tank and 1 Heal character for progression raiding
    3) Be the raid “trainer” in the guild by hosting 2 raids a week to educate new raiders, as well as gear up new 80s, alts, etc.
    4) Help others.

    So how do this break down on a weekly basis?
    Tuesday and Thursday nights are progression raids (Tues is ICC rep farming, Thurs is 25man ToGC or ICC)
    Friday & Sunday is raid training nights (Ussually Naxx 10, OS10 or Ulduar 10)
    All other nights are my nights for gearing characters.
    1st priority on those nights are Frosty heroic for raider tank & healer. After that I will work on gear for whichever character at 80 that I decided I will work towards on improving their gear (past couple of weeks – Druid)

    Some nights, I just need to take a break and enjoy doing something else:
    1) Leveling my sub-80 alts
    2) Helping out others with lower-level instances
    3) Herb or mine to craft something specific a character needs.

    each of my characters at level 80’s gear are tracked on a spreadsheet, and I set myself goals with dates to track progress. Each character has a gear upgrade plan (drop, crafted, emblem, etc)

    Due to too many alts – I do not chase achievements. Furthermore, my daily 30minute AH business brings in enough gold, to satisfy my gold needs that I do not need to farm gold/mats/etc.


  5. Weekend « Feral Instincts Says:

    […] to get a head start on that, especially since it overlaps with Lunar Festival.  Other than that, I’m sure I can find plenty to do in game or out of game for that matter.  Oh yeah, there’s the Superbowl, can I DVR just the […]


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