Well, I’m wating tables Friday and Saturday as per usual and have a few things to work on around the house.

As for in game, working on questing and Wintergrasp definitely.  I’d love to see if I can find a group to run the weekly raid and VoA. I might either have a ToC 25 or a ICC 10 on Sunday night.  And, of course, Love is in the Air, starts Sunday so I probably want to get a head start on that, especially since it overlaps with Lunar Festival.  Other than that, I’m sure I can find plenty to do in game or out of game for that matter.  Oh yeah, there’s the Superbowl, can I DVR just the commercials?

What are your weekend plans?


4 Responses to “Weekend”

  1. Darsonsind Says:

    I will be at home on Saturday (A snow storm is coming to East coast /sigh)
    My Gf will complain abit. In exchange, i will have time to grind all reps, quests, and my mini project for my paladin at lv41. Sunday will be Superbowl day. however, hanging out with my gf to gain more “DKP” is more important than watching those commercials. HeHe

    Darsonsind of Elune


  2. Saniel Says:

    I have a birthday shindig to go to on Saturday night and I’ll be getting together with some friends to watch the game on Sunday (yes, the GAME). 🙂

    I’ll probably be spending more time playing Mass Effect 2 than WoW, but tonight is ToC 25 night for the guild. And any other time I spend in Azeroth will probably be mount hunting of one kind or another.


  3. Dracomage Says:

    Snow shoveling Saturday as well 😦
    Running my trainer raids Fri & Sunday night, Sat not sure – might be a movie night.


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