Outland Here I Come

Wow, you’ve found the elusive weekend post a rare and beautiful creature.

Now the question is do I  finish Classic Dungeonmaster before moving onto Loremaster of Outland?


5 Responses to “Outland Here I Come”

  1. Dracomage Says:

    Yes! Get them old dungeons.


  2. Jinni Says:

    I would finish the dungeons, and Uld and ST arent that bad. And grats on the achieves 🙂 I keep meaning to do them but start getting distracted after a while lol.


  3. Kalacios Says:

    Gratz again, and I agree with the above, go blast through those dungeons to get them out the way first!


  4. Dharmabhum Says:

    Grratz! Ulda and Temple are definitely easy for a druid, so I’d hit those up when you have a spare ten minutes 😉

    I’ve also been flirting with Loremaster (well, to be honest, “the Seeker” title) but I’m wondering what the best method is to start out and track progress. I think I’ve seen you mention Wowhead’s Completion Tracker… do you recommend it? Any other pointers I may have missed along the way?


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