I’m Missing Something

“It’s just a game.”

That phrase popped up again today.  I’ve heard it several times.  I guess I don’t really understand what people mean by that.  I play WoW just like I do every other game out there.  I try my damnest to do well.  Usually I find forums to learn from people who are better than me at it.  I practice so I can do well.  I research online to find out what makes people better at it.  If I have friends I can talk to, I’ll talk to them about it to see what they know that I don’t.  If I was to get left out when friends were playing, I’d be disappointed and frustrated.  I play to win and find whatever advantage the game gives me to do so without cheating.

Those are all things I do for WoW as well.  With other games, I’m not told though, “It’s just a game.”  The only difference I see in WoW as compared to other games, is that it’s actually easier to be “left out” of what people are doing and easier to find people to discuss the game with.

So, I guess, I don’t understand people are trying to tell me by saying, “It’s just a game.”  Yes, it’s a game, I understand that, I play it just like I would any other game.  So where is the disconnect here?


4 Responses to “I’m Missing Something”

  1. Dracomage Says:

    I think for the very casual player “its just a game”.

    For the rest of us its a hobbie, a daily relaxation – the same as TV is for other people.

    It allows us to relax, hang out with our friends, talk and joke on the guild’s voice chat server, etc.

    Its not a game, its this generation’s social “bar-on-the corner-of-the-neighborhood”.

    My 2 cents


  2. Bear Pelt Says:

    Perhaps, just perhaps WoW has a lot more depth than other games to dive into. Maybe such aspects in a game are new to other people and they do not understand how something could be some complicated and captivating. For example, when making the big switch from AGI to ArPen, I mulled over the numbers and math for a few days, getting somewhat frustrated in the process.

    When my friend asked me what was up, I told her it was about some mechanics in WoW. She was confused, as most of what she plays does not require such a process of theory-crafting and calculation. Imagine what non-gamers will think!

    Alternatively, it’s a good reality-check.When she said to me that WoW is just a game, I decided to stop getting frustrated and enjoy the content as is.


  3. Random Poster Says:

    Typically the only time I hear “It’s just a game” is if someone is getting way too worked up over a game. If at any point a game is casuing you stress or anger it is time to take a step back and rexamine.


  4. Kalacios Says:

    I would agree with Dracomage, I don’t think it’s “just a game”. To me it’s more of a hobbie.

    Yes, the core of it is a game, but it also has a huge social element to it, just like facebook and the likes. As these are REAL people you are interacting with, you can get angry and frustrated at times, with so many different people you’re not going to see eye to pixelated-eye with everyone, and just because these interactions are happening within the game doesn’t mean you can’t have real human reactions/emotions to them. I wonder if anyone has had “it’s just a game” said to them if they said that they’d made really good friends through WoW?

    I can totally understand why non-WoW players, or non-gamers, would use the phrase. I can also understand why players in-game would use it in some situations (ie. someone freaks out because they just died or something).

    Spending time outside of the game to learn to play better, look up tactics, read blogs etc., having it occupy your thoughts, is just part of it IMO. Shows how much depth there is to this “game”.


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