Raid Benefits from Love is in the Air

When I was in the brief, laggy, attempt at ICC 25 I noticed something that night. The buffs provided from the “Love is in the Air” items stack with other raid buffs. If you’d like to grab them, they are relatively simple. (For those not participating in the event up until now.)

City cards provided by the daily quests: (At level 80 for Horde side)

Lovely Orgrimmar Card: +30 Agi
Lovely Thunder Bluff Card: +30 Sta
Lovely Undercity Card: +30 Int
Lovely Silvermoon City Card: +30 Spi

Each daily requires you turn in a Lovely Charm Bracelet to the respective faction leader in each city. You get the card and 5 Love Tokens. The charm bracelets are formed by having a Lovely Charm Collector’s Kit in your inventory. When you kill a green or better mob, you have a chance at getting a Lovely Charm. It takes 10 Lovely Charms to make a Lovely Charm Bracelet.

Each of the perfumes/colognes only cost 1 Love Token for a stack of 5, so for just one daily you can get 25. (Or if you really want to stock up, each Lovely Charm Bracelet can be traded in for a love token. Although, the dailies are obviously the most bang for your buck.)

They are:

“Bravado” Cologne/“VICTORY” Perfume: +75 Attack Power
“STALWART” Cologne/“Forever” Perfume: +20 Defense Rating
“Wizardry” Cologne/“Enchantress” Perfume: +45 Spell Power

The cards are BoP, but the Colognes/Perfumes are tradable, so if you want to run the dailies on your alts to send the items to your main, that is an option as well. These obviously aren’t huge bonuses, but they’re like having an extra gem socket.


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