For the New Feral DPS Druids Out There

Shifting Perspectives over at, just posted a pretty solid intro to being a kitty.  If you’re interested, go check it out

Also contained in this post is this, “There’s a bit of a gentlemen’s wager going on here behind the scenes at; the author of the weekly feature that gets the most hits by the end of the month will get cookies from Elizabeth Harper.

And I like cookies.”

So, you know, I’m all about helping another druid win and even better, win cookies.  So go help Allison win cookies by clicking.

EDIT: This got my rear in gear, so now there is some linkage to Feral DPS resources over with my other links.


One Response to “For the New Feral DPS Druids Out There”

  1. Kalacios Says:

    Very handy, I’ll have to read up as I think I may go cat as off-spec with my new resto druid.

    I’ve tried to DPS in cat before, in my tank gear when what I’m tanking is no more, but it’s never been good. I switch into cat, then pretty much mash random abilities! I did start reading up on it once which is how I got all the abilities on my bar to begin with, but totally forgot the whole “rotation”. So I’ve never seen more than 1800 dps in cat 🙂


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