I’ve been a bad bad kitty blogger.

I know, going so long without a post, I’ve probably lost a great deal of my readers. 😦

Life has been busy, work has been busy and I’ve been busy in game.

In game, I’ve been working on a baby shammy, who’s now up to 34 and doing quite a bit of raiding, some in bear, but mostly in kitty.  And then I’m also been indulging in my favorite indulgence, achievements. 🙂

I will spare you and not list all of the achievements.  When I last posted I was at 5265 Achievement points, I now am at 6305.  (And no I have not finished WG or Loremaster/Seeker stuff I kept posting about.)

Raiding has been fun.  In ICC 10, got both Fester & Rot down, with the other guild I’ve been running with about a month ago.  Went back to running 10 mans with my guild and haven’t had a lot of progress on ICC since.  In ICC 25 man, we were able to get Fester down last week and Rot down this week.  (And there was much rejoycing due to the many many many attempts at Rot over the weeks.) 

I’m going to try and keep up with this again.  Just a quick update now to mention where I am and will have more actual content “soon.” 😉


2 Responses to “I’ve been a bad bad kitty blogger.”

  1. Javi Says:

    WB was beginning to give up on the blog!


  2. Kalacios Says:

    Welcome back!


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