Late on this One

The Mangle debuff now lasts 60 seconds as of patch 3.3.3.

At first this really bothered me.  I’ve always been proud of the fact that I have the toughest “rotation” in the game and this seemed like it was dumbing it down.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized this was a change for PVP purposes.  Generally in PVP you don’t have time to get a tight rotation in, so this if probably a huge buff in there.  It still felt a little weird, but I kinda grokked why at least.

And on the scale of making kitty dps easier, I guess this was only a minor buff.  (Actually the way it can tighten up the constant juggling act can be a pretty signifigant DPS buff though.)  And then I thought about how I loved when I’d end up with a bear tank or an arms warrior and wouldn’t have to worry about that.

So since there are ways to avoid applying it in the first place and there’s a pretty good reason for it, I guess I won’t let it bother me /too/ much.  Part of this is, this is the first real change I’ve seen to ferals since I first dinged 80, I kinda thought Blizz was happy where ferals are and we could remain untinkered with until the coming of the Cataclysm.

I can’t find the post now, but I did have to chuckle at something I read in the forums to the extent of, “Feral Druids are weird.  They’re the only class/spec I know that complains when they recieve a buff.”  And you know, he’s right.  I think that says something about kitties in general, we play the class because we enjoy the challenge.  (Just to lump all kitty druids together in one fell swoop there. 😉 )  Make it too easy and ~shrug~ what’s the point.

What do ya’ll think about the change to Mangle or the challenges of being a kitty?


5 Responses to “Late on this One”

  1. Stonedrake Says:

    Overall, I’m pretty happy with this buff. It gives me time for some extra shreds. It’s not really changing the challenge of being a Kitty, for me; my first serious character was a rogue — and an assassination rogue at that — so kitty rotations/priorities were only a slight adjustment.

    What I find difficult isn’t being a kitty, it’s being a druid. We’re not kitties and we’re not bears and we’re not casters; we’re all of them, as and when needed. It’s so easy to trap yourself into a “RAWRCAT!” or “RAWRBEAR” mindset (I can’t comment on Moonkin or Trees, yet), and forget that you can change.

    There’s a fight in Feralas, where you have to take down a named satyr surrounded by casters; it could be a group quest. If you do it solo, when it’s red in the quest log, and in cat form the way I did, it can be difficult. But if you remember you can pop you can go bear form and just drag the named guy to each of the casters whilst you suck up the damage, well, it gets a hell of a lot easier. If you remember you have your own mobile hospital in caster form — including HoTs! — it becomes almost trivial. But only if you remember that we’re not kitties or bears or casters ONLY.

    Sorry, I know its not really what you meant by ‘challenges of being a kitty’, but it certainly was my biggest challenge. 😀


    • feralinstincts Says:

      I tend to fall into a monofocus mindset but that is more from a raiding perspective. If I’m there as kitty, it is my job to DPS, we have healers to heal if necessary. But you are right about remembering your whole toolkit. Tranquility, Battle Rez, Innervate, etc are all huge parts of the druids tool kit. And it’s all a matter of getting comfortable with a) your role and then b) learning what additional things you can do that are outside your role, that will help your raid/group to win.

      I’ve actually come up with an “achievement” for myself that will help me work on more of situational awareness and using my full tool kit, but that will be in a post for later today. 🙂


  2. Bear Pelt Says:

    Glad to have you back!

    I was hesitant about the change too, but now after raiding with it some, I am convinced it actually makes our priorities even more complicated because you can’t spam it as often and mindlessly any longer! I was extremely prone to clipping my debuffs, but this is forcing me to change; it’s complicated, but heck YEAH I love having one of the toughest ways to play in the game!

    And yeah… before I would just spam mangle though I had a feral tank and a warrior who used trauma…. /shame I’m trying to change that now, but it gets complicated when switching targets (CURSE YOU BLOOD PRINCES)


    • feralinstincts Says:

      Do you use any sort of buff/debuff monitor that shows you the status? Honestly, I’ve found BadKitty a great help in making sure I’m not spamming mangle or it’s not already applied and not clipping dots.


  3. Russ Says:

    On patch day, I wrote a post about how I was going to test out the changes with the Mangle glyph and a very different rotation, because more Shreds mean longer Rip uptime, which can cause problems if your Savage Roar runs out before you can reapply Rip, etc. So I bought a few Mangle glyphs, spent some time thinking about how to adjust my rotation, and then hit the dummy when the servers went up. I started out with my old rotation, old glyphs. Recorded the DPS. Then I switched things up, and over the next hour I made several runs with a couple of different rotations/glyph combos to see what would happen.

    The result? Those first two runs were by far the best, and there was nothing I could do to change it! The net effect of all of that experimenting, other than finding out for myself what the options would produce, was that I Shredded a little more and Mangled a little less. And my DPS is fine.

    So my long post was sort of moot. LOL!

    On a side note, regarding the “Feral druids are weird” comment that you noted, it does make sense that we would be a bit uncertain with anything that fundamentally changes our rotational priority mindsets, because good feral DPS is about as far from a faceroll as you can get. However, I approached it (the changes) not with fear but with curiosity/optimism, and ended up finding that it is just what it is: a minor buff requiring minor adjustments.

    I’ve never tried BadKitty, but I use Needtoknow, which does essentially the same thing. It’s clean, easy to set up, and has helped me immensely over the last several months with seeing when buffs/debuffs are going to fall off and making appropriate choices to make sure that they don’t.

    Sorry for the book! And keep writing! Good feral druid info/commentary gets lapped up by us other ferals. 🙂


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