Personal Project: Soloing Raids

If you recall, I tend to have interesting ways of working on my skill sets.  I decided to use random dungeons as a way to learn to tank.  I figured if I could hold onto aggro and stay alive in the occasional clusterfucks that are random dungeons, I would be ready to take on anything a raid with smart players could throw at me.

It was somewhat of a success.  I’m still not a great tank by any stretch of the imagination, but I feel like I’m a solid tank at this point.  Now, though, I think I have found my next challenge.

I was catching up on blog posts yesterday, when I came across a couple posts about soloing Kara, on’s Shifting Perspectives.  I went, “Hey!  That sounds like a lot of fun!”  Add in the fact that I still need the achievement for Kara and Violet Eye rep.  Then toss in a dash of a couple of people saying it couldn’t be done and I was sold.

But me, never one to make it simple, decided that Kara was not enough.  I wanted to see what pre-WotLK raids I could solo.  I figure this will be a good way for me to develop skills to of situational awareness, breaking down/understanding new boss fights, and really knowing the toolkit of my class to see what changes I can make on to get through some difficult scenarios.  Kara is the first on my list, just because I told people I was going to do it.  From there, I’ll probably pop back to MC and see if I can handle that and possibly other old world raids to follow.

Am I going to die?  You bet, probably a lot.

But learning to respec and use all use all the tools available to handle fights that weren’t supposed to be handled by just one person, I think will be valuable for both me playing my class and progression raiding.  

(No, this isn’t an April Fool’s joke, btw.)

So, this weekend I will start trying to solo Kara and we’ll see where it goes from there.  I’ll keep you updated. 🙂


8 Responses to “Personal Project: Soloing Raids”

  1. Weekend « Feral Instincts Says:

    […] * Attempt to solo Kara. […]


  2. Khraden Says:

    That sounds like a fun project. I always wanted to try, just to have the chance at a free mount from Attumen, but it may be something to look into. I’m sure some boss mechanics will get interesting, such as the beam son Netherbane, but I wish you the best.


  3. Kalacios Says:

    Yep, does sound like alot of fun.

    This is something I’ve been wanting to try for a long time but just never really got round to giving it a go.

    I went through a phase of soloing all the Outland dungeons, and got about half way through the heroics before I stopped doing it. Also very almost did UK normal solo (last boss had 10k left on my last attempt – and this was ages ago when I had under 30k health in bear).

    Not exactly solo, but my wife and I (she’s resto druid) once tried to do the first boss in Blackwing Lair and failed miserably. Neither of us had even looked at the tactics at all just thought we’d give it a quick go, I think about a minute into the fight something exploded and we both died swift deaths (was going swimmingly up until that point).

    You’ve got me back into thinking seriously about this again…

    *goes to read up on old raid tactics*

    Good luck! I’ll be keeping an eye out to see how you get on!


  4. Going Solo « WoW Ambition Says:

    […] and also some of the classic (and maybe even BC) raids. This was sparked off from a post at Feral Instincts, and fueled after reading this interview on […]


  5. Open Project: Solo Raiding Feral Build « Feral Instincts Says:

    […] Project: Solo Raiding Feral Build By feralinstincts So in thinking about my upcoming runs through the classics, I really started to brainstorm on a potential spec for this.  The original series from which I […]


  6. Weekend « Feral Instincts Says:

    […] * Maybe finally get around to Kara. […]


  7. Monday Morning Update « Feral Instincts Says:

    […] * Maybe finally get around to Kara. – Well, actually, I did give it a shot.  The first three bosses went down easy peasy.  Then the problems started.  Out came the Big Bad Wolf.  I know he is soloable.  The Fluid Druid actually has a pretty comprehensive strat for soloing him.  I just couldn’t seem to pull it off.  After about 8 wipes or so, I threw in the towel for this week.  I would have gotten a friend to help get it down and kept going, but a guildmate was talking smack, saying it was impossible.  So, next week I try again, hopefully this time with a different show. […]


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