GTA part 2

I finished up Ultimate Triage as expected last night.  Quick and easy as expected…with only 2 deaths.  Instead of bothering someone for achievement whoring, I decided I would get my health that low on my own.  I decided to use the Scryer’s Tier that is often used for “Going Down?“.  Somehow, I messed it up and went splat!  Well, deciding I wanted a little more control over my falling, I shifted to bird, flew up in the air and once again went splat!  Hmmm.  So finally I kept flying up just enough to take minimal damage and shifted out over and over until it whittled away at me.  Add Heavy Netherweave Bandage to the mix and achievement completed.

For my next task I was granted “Deadliest Catch.”  I was talking to my fiancée about it and her former main mount whore hunter wouldn’t mind a chance at the Zul’Gurub mounts, so we’ll probably go work on it this weekend and grab the Zul’Gurub achievement at the same time, since I’ve never been in there.

(This is in reference to the Get That Achievement! thread in the Official Achievement Forums.)


7 Responses to “GTA part 2”

  1. Bear Pelt Says:

    ZG is quite easily soloable (the adds are more complicated to get around than the actual bosses in my opinion). Most painful part of the Deadliest Catch is probably having to run all the way to some obscure part of Dustwallow Marsh to buy a quest item in order to summon the boss. Not sure if they changed this… o.o


    • feralinstincts Says:

      Oh, I know it’s soloable, but it helps her out and since it is well known to be soloable, I don’t feel like I *have* to solo this one. And as for obscure part of Dustwallow Marsh, hey it’s not like we have to go there to level up fishing anymore. 😉


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  3. Ayaa Says:

    Hes just enabling my achievement-whore-ness as well 😉


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