Not Quite as Planned

Looking at my list of weekend plans, they came out a little different than expected.  But I get sidetracked easily. 🙂

I decided to finish up the Outland Dungeonmaster/Hero.  The only problem was, I still wasn’t keyed for The Arcatraz.  I knew it was a fairly long chain and I was going to want to do Netherstorm for Loremaster anyway, so might as well grind through some questing.  I cleared out the last few quests I had left in Blade’s Edge and then headed off to Netherstorm.  I quested and quested and quested and was finally rewarded with my key to the Arcatraz.  Quickly finish off the one other heroic I hadn’t completed and then off to burn through it, where at the finish I was rewarded with Outland Dungeonmaster and Outland Dungeon Hero.

The catch is, finishing up On the Blade’s Edge and Into the Nether, left me with only Shadow of the Betrayer to complete Loremaster of Outland.  So off I went to spend some time questing in Shadowmoon Valley.  Only about 1/3 of the way through, but this weekend’s push has me really wanting to finish Loremaster up finally.

So what did you do this weekend?  Did it go as planned?


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