Another Really Interesting Post

Big Bear Butt addresses a take on some of the new changes coming with Cata.  There are definitely some interesting thoughts on the homogenization of the classes.  I’ve been very optimistic along the way about all this, because as he points out, even with all the class changes, we don’t know what the fights are going to be like after, either.

As for putting it on maintenance vs revitalization, I guess time will tell.  But I most definitely hope that the coming Cataclysm will be a renewal.


3 Responses to “Another Really Interesting Post”

  1. Metaphoria Says:

    It seems to me pointless to get upset about the changes in Cataclysm–as the point of a game is to remain fresh an challenging. Ok, so there are a lot of players out there who have downed the Lich King on super-duper hard mode. That’s great. But what about the rest of us? The ones who are casual players, but enjoy playing the game? Some of us enjoy playing the game, and care less about the mechanics. Does it make us bad players? I think not–just different. I’m not criticizing those who are concerned about the mechanic changes, I just would like to suggest that in addition to concern, people also remain excited. The expansion is going to change everything–but isn’t change a good thing? I think as a whole our society needs to remember that being in a rutt doesn’t expand one’s capabilities. (And I am not referring to just our gaming community!)

    At anyrate, the entire point of that post was to commend you Feral on keeping an optomistic look–it’s nice to get some positive once in a while. (Oh, and I love BBB also–I read his and your blogs daily 🙂 )


    • feralinstincts Says:

      I try. I try and toss out some potential pitfalls as I come across them like I did in the last post. But that was more thoughts on mechanics than, “OMG, it’s all gonna end!”


  2. Metaphoria Says:

    Well, it is honestly appreciated. 🙂


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