Monday Morning Update

Substance on the Druid changes soon, but first some more Mon morning fluff.

As I mentioned in my previous post, I finally finished Loremaster.

Because I’m a bit of a numbers geek, I’ve been tracking my status on the quest achievements with a spreadsheet.  I didn’t start tracking it until 9/25/2009, so my data is only for that time period.  But here’s what I’ve accomplished in that time period.

* 197 days since I started tracking until I finished Loremaster.

* 2123 quests and 723 dailies during that time period.

* That comes to 14.4 quests per day, 10.8 regular quests & 3.7 dailies.

* 73 dailies still to go for 1000 dailies.

* 575 Achievements/Feats completed for an average of 2.9 per day.

* 25 Factions to Exalted for a faction to exalted every 7.88 days.

Those numbers probably are probably only meaningful to me.  But I like to look at where I stand at what I feel are milestones.  And when I’ve been working on this one for 197 days, I guess it is a pretty significant milestone. 🙂

As for the rest of my weekend plans.

* Clear my quest log of some quests that are still hanging around. – I think I’ve got it down to like 7, which is really good for me.

Finally get my 2nd GTA. – Well, I’m halfway there.  I got into Zul’Gurub and got the quest and went and talked to Nat.  I just haven’t gone backed and fished up Gahz’ranka yet.

Maybe finally get around to Kara. – Well, actually, I did give it a shot.  The first three bosses went down easy peasy.  Then the problems started.  Out came the Big Bad Wolf.  I know he is soloable.  The Fluid Druid actually has a pretty comprehensive strat for soloing him.  I just couldn’t seem to pull it off.  After about 8 wipes or so, I threw in the towel for this week.  I would have gotten a friend to help get it down and kept going, but a guildmate was talking smack, saying it was impossible.  So, next week I try again, hopefully this time with a different show. 🙂

Wow, it’s amazing, I actually followed my plan for the most part.  Will wonders never cease?

So how was your weekend?


4 Responses to “Monday Morning Update”

  1. Alaron Says:

    If you have any questions about the solo strat, feel free to ask (or make a thread in the Bear forum on my site, probably better).


  2. Kalacios Says:

    Just had a little read up on the Big Bad Wolf fight, sounds interesting… and extremely frustrating! I want to give it a go…

    If you haven’t done so already have a read of the comments on Wowhead, some useful tips there for druids.


  3. Monday Morning Update « Feral Instincts Says:

    […] than that, I went back to Kara.  Once again, I was lucky enough to end up with the Big Bad Wolf, again. ~sigh~  On my first […]


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