Quick Thoughts on the Druid Class Changes

You know, I really like the way they are approaching druids.  (Other than treeform.) They see to be only minorly tinkering with druids, seeming to try their best not to mess up what is great about the class.  I love the fact that they are almost apologising for making the kitty rotation easier.  I like the fact we are getting an interrupt that doesn’t require energy or combo points.  A ranged silence for bear or an aggro dump for kitty would have been nice.  (But hey, maybe they will fix cower.  Please make it a % not a static value.)  Granted, there’s still quite a bit to be seen in all this, but I definitely like the approach they are taking.


2 Responses to “Quick Thoughts on the Druid Class Changes”

  1. Bear Pelt Says:

    2 words from the Blues themselves: JOHN MADDEN

    I love being a druid.


  2. Kalacios Says:

    I’m also glad that they’re not going to drastically alter druids – although they have plenty of time to change their minds…

    Ranged silence in bear would have been perfect, but maybe they’ll reconsider and throw that in before Cata goes live 😀


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