Busy week, makes for a late Friday weekend post.

Honestly, for once I really haven’t thought about it.

I’ve got some work to take care of and some friends coming over tomorrow night.

As for in game, probably take my second attempt at soloing Kara.  And I’m considering finishing up The Burning Crusader, but that still would be a lot of Lower City and Keepers of Time dungeon runs.  I’m one coin away from Silver in the City, so I’ll probably spend some time farming the fountain.  I’ve been painfully, in caster form, working on my weapon skills, 5 more points for daggers and 1 more point for polearms for Master of Arms, but I think druids are at a natural disadvantage on that one.  Obviously, try and scrounge up a few pets for my GTA.  But nothing is screaming at me, “Oooh!  This is what you should do!”  So I guess this time we’ll just see what the weekend brings.

So what have you got going on this weekend?


3 Responses to “Weekend.”

  1. Dracomage Says:

    Lets see:
    More random heroics to gear up my warrior, death knight towards their T9 set pieces.
    More random heroics on my other level 80s to buy more primodial saronite.
    More questing to “re-stock” the gold vault. 😀


  2. Russ Says:

    JUST got Master of arms about 5 minutes ago, after 3.5 hrs (over 2 days) of killing rhinos with my 2H mace. Why didn’t I go with daggers? LOL

    It’s all good though. Got some nice leather and meat for the AH. I’m just so glad to be done with it!

    Quick stop at ZG now for another try at the mounts, ICC 25 tonight, then possibly some lower level dungeons this weekend for achievements. 🙂


  3. Nitedragon Says:

    I got the master of arms but going into Dire Maul. I think it was north. There are ogres behind the last boss. They have 1 HP I think and can’t be killed. You can start hitting 1 and leave. It doesn’t die and doesn’t hurt you. Your weapon gets skilled up while you’re away. If you come back and your weapon is at max skill, change it and keep going.

    Just wanted to pass that along. I found it somewhere.


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