Monday Morning Update

It was a weekend filled with many things outside of game, so not a lot of things got accomplished in game.

The only thing that I did on my list was work on Master of Arms.  I decided to combine it with farming Consortium rep.  So I went out and started massacring as many Zaxxis as I could for Zaxxis Insignias and Ethereum Prison Keys, all the while in caster form, beating on them with my weapons.  I had ground out Unarmed long ago and the other night, something attacked me and my Staves dinged 400, which only left Daggers at 395 and Polearms at 399.  Daggers took a while.  I used a Razor Sharp Fillet Knife, figuring it’s speed of 1.3 would make it go quicker.  Then was Polearms.  So after doing some research, I found one with some impressive speed, Ethereum Phase-Spear, I mean, 1.7 how did that get there?  Well, I dutifully shelled out my 40+g and went back to killing.  It took me less than 5 minutes.  I wish I had had a progress bar from 399 to 400, because as close as I apparently was, it probably wasn’t worth the cash.

Other than that, I went back to Kara.  Once again, I was lucky enough to end up with the Big Bad Wolf, again. ~sigh~  On my first attempt, I got him down to about 20%.  Nothing close on the rest of it.  I must have gone at him somewhere around 8 times.  I fiddled with my gear, swapped a glyph, but never could come quite as close as that first attempt.   Actually, I may make a post on just this.

Anyway, how was your weekend?


One Response to “Monday Morning Update”

  1. Dracomage Says:

    In between working, dealing with sick kids, and not having time for sleep, I got quite a bit done.

    Spend most of my weekend on my neglected alts: Hunter and Rogue. Both ran enough heroics to buy 1 if not two pieces of T9 gear. My Hunter was very pleased to get rid of the Hellfire trinket they have been dutifully using since level 61… eep

    Other than that, all 8 my level 80s got the weekly raid done for the first time ever. My server had Patchwork, and the weekend saw trade chat full of spam regarding raids forming. Even my undergeared toons got the quick kill achievement.

    With all the heroics, I once again saw PRIME examples off @$$-hat tanks and healers. healer running Occulus, did not heal the tank on trash, waited till he died, before leaving the group – causing group wipe. Tanks that out ran the Healer (see Nexus), and when they die, just leave the group. UGH!

    But it was as always a great break from reality.


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