Learning all sorts of new stuff.

So, I took a break from WoW for a while.  And then spent some time leveling a shammy with my fiancée.  But the siren’s call of being a druid just kept pushing those buttons.

Interestingly enough, I found some friends on another server that seemed like it would be fun to play with.  But they were on ally side, so *if* I decided to take my main elsewhere, it would mean faction and server transfer and I’m not paying that kind of cash.  (Plus, the concept of moving my main felt weird.  I like her where she is.)

So I rolled a NE druid on the new server.  No heirlooms.  No cash.  No nothing.  Literally starting from scratch. O.O

My first couple toons I leveled with the Refer a Friend bonus.  So it was zoom zoom!

So here I am, newb druid with only 4 frostweave bags and 50 gold a new guildmate gave me.  (Yes I’m spoiled.)  I decided to level…bear.  I figure the instapop in the random dungeon tool was worth not being kitty to level.  And I’m having a blast.  These are the first time I’m ever running these instances at level and I’m tanking.  LoS, CC…damn mage froze the mob in place way over there so he won’t come when I taunt, oooh and now while I was focused on that I just lost a couple who were with me.   I don’t have the tools I’m used to as a level 80 bear.  Managing aggro.  ~gasp~ Managing rage.  (Granted I so need to grab some glyphs. I’m at 50 and have none.)  I’m digging these raid sized dungeons and somehow I know where to go, usually.

(As an aside, I’m totally digging the racials.  Shadowmeld and Wisp form FTW!)

It only takes a few pulls before people start to listen to my 5 second rule.  “Please count to 5 before engaging in AoE.”

That’s a funny story, I’ll save it for later. 😉

But I’m still around and doing the druid thing.  And maybe I’ll actually ~gasp~ start positing again.


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