Running Some Numbers on XP in Battlegrounds

So this past weekend, I absolutely tore through several levels on my Ally druid.  It seemed a lot faster than normal.  The only thing I could attribute it to, was the fact that I spent a lot of the weekend in AB.  Which, of course, made me wonder, how much XP do you get per battleground on average and better yet how much XP do you get per hour in the different battlegrounds?

Since they changed the battlegrounds to award XP based on your level, I thing I will run the numbers as a percentage of a level per hour.  I started amassing the data last night, starting a timer when I popped into the battleground and logging my starting XP and then obviously stopping the time when it’s over and logging my ending XP.  Unfortunately, right now, I only have 2 runs of AB, AV, Eye and WSG to start with and to me, that’s a little too little data to even post a preliminary spreadsheet.  That also made for a rough night for me because of those 8 battlegrounds I was in last night, we one a grand total of once.

So keep an eye on this space and I’ll post more when I get a chance.


One Response to “Running Some Numbers on XP in Battlegrounds”

  1. Saniel Says:

    I’ve been trying to get my DK through his last couple of levels via BGs. It’s been slow going, but only because I haven’t been keeping up with it. The return is actually pretty good when you’re winning. It’s marginal when you’re not.


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