More Battleground XP

So I ran several BGs last night and what was nice was, ya know, winning more than 1 all evening!

Unfortunately, I didn’t collect as much data as I would have liked.  Entering AB down 1440 to 300 with less than 30 seconds until you lose, while technically should be a data point, I figured wasn’t worth my time.

Then another AB, I had been there since the start and 10 seconds left until we won and the Internet hiccuped on me.  And since I’m tracking the length of the BG using the in game timer, which closed when I got DCed…

And then the WSG where I popped in and was instantly rewarded XP, thus didn’t have time to get my starting numbers…

Not  a bad night in the BGs, but a rough night for data collection.  Hopefully this weekend goes smoother and I can have preliminary numbers up by Monday.


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