Monday Monday, Can’t Trust That Day

Well, I got nowhere near as far as I had hoped this weekend.  After tearing through three levels on Friday night to get to 64, I figured I’d have 68 by the end of Sat and be in Northrend and on the home stretch.

When I logged off last night I was still only 67.  I think it was more a factor of the way levels work during BC than anything.  Levels 61 – 63 require 1929 same level kills, assuming no rested XP.  Levels 66 & 67 require 1959 same level kills, assuming no rested XP.  30 more kills 2 levels for than it took for 3, not counting 64 & 65.  Add in I had a bunch of rested XP on Fri night, as I had spent much of the week PVPing, and the grind from 64 – 68 had seem long and slow indeed.  But with a little effort, I will get over the 68 hump and cruise for the next two levels.  Because Northrend mobs give more XP, levels 68 & 69 will only take 1479 same level kills.

Speaking of XP, I of course, left my notes for Battleground XP at home, thus cannot do the update I’d like.  Granted, I didn’t collect as much data as I wanted to this weekend either.  After my quick levels Friday night, my gut feeling was there is a XP multiplier on battleground weekends.  I can’t prove it, but I left the data out just in case.  But as I suspected there is a multiplier there, that was the BG I most frequently ran.  I think I have 3 or 4 points of data for most BGs so far.  Which should be a start, but I will continually update it once I do get it up and running.

So how was your weekend?


3 Responses to “Monday Monday, Can’t Trust That Day”

  1. Eq Says:

    I did 1 run in EotS, we won and it was the BG of the weekend, I gained 13.3% on my lvl71 DK.

    For your info 😉


  2. Dracomage Says:

    After travelling all week for work. It was great to hit WOW again.

    I started to level my mage, but got side-tracked into working on my LoreMaster with my DK. In between waiting on heroics, doing low-level quests is great.

    Finished all the Drenai starter quests, Elwynn Forest and just started on Westfalls.


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