Playing Around with Ideas

Every since I started looking into numbers behind how kitty works, two stats have always fascinated me haste and strength.  Strength actually has value at low level of gear because you get 2AP for every 1STR, and maybe again at higher levels, but you’d probably have to hit a lot of caps for that.

An idea that did cross my mind yesterday was playing with haste.  As has been discussed a lot, haste with obviously benefit kitties a great deal during Cataclysm.  But what about now?  I know that they are one of the few, (the only?) class that can have more than 1 attack per second.  I poked around to see if there was a cap on how many attacks per second a kitty could have and could find no information, so I started playing with the numbers.  Just how much haste could I get from cloth and leather gear.

My thought was death by swarming of ants, tons and tons of weak little attacks, but so often that it would all add up.  My logic was, “If I could get up to 99% haste, that would be 100 attacks per second.  And even if I only did 100 damage per swing, we’re talking 10,000 dps there.”  So, I start running through numbers of non-heroic versions of cloth and leather items to see just how much haste I could get.  Unfortunately, gemmed with all +20 haste gems with the gear that’s got the most haste, I could only get up to about 50% haste, which considering how much I would be giving up to get that much, it wasn’t close to being worth it.

But, as with the couple discussions I’ve had with folks concerning Ravage, it’s good to keep looking and searching and seeing just what advantages you can find out there.


2 Responses to “Playing Around with Ideas”

  1. Helistar Says:

    You’re misunderstanding how haste works:

    atk spd = 1.0 / (1 + haste)

    so at 99% haste you’re doing almost 2 attacks per second, not almost 100.
    Or, to put it another way: haste scales LINEARLY.


    • feralinstincts Says:

      Interesting, they set it up so that attack power scales directly with haste. I didn’t even think to look it up, honestly. Haste seemed very intuitive, if I’m attacking 30% faster and my attack speed is 1, then my hasted attack speed should be .7. Oh well. There goes that idea. Thanks for the info though.


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