XP in da’ BG Part 1

So, after promising it for a while, I thought I would post the in-progress results from my admittedly limited data set on the battlegrounds.

Warsong Gulch:

Record: 0-5

Total % of levels gained: 5.14%

Time played in seconds: 3586

% of level per match: 1.028%

% of level per minute: 0.09%

% of level per hour: 5.16%


Arathi Basin:

Record: 2-3

Total % of levels gained: 6.76%

Time played in seconds: 3432

% of level per match: 1.352%

% of level per minute: 0.12%

% of level per hour: 7.09%

Alterac Valley:

Record: 1-2

Total % of levels gained: 20.22%

Time played in seconds: 5552

% of level per match: 6.74%

% of level per minute: 0.22%

% of level per hour: 13.11%


Eye of the Storm:

Record: 2-3

Total % of levels gained: 14.59%

Time played in seconds: 2765

% of level per match: 2.918%

% of level per minute: 0.32%

% of level per hour: 19.00%


Eye of the Storm would not have been my guess, whether this was an abberation or it really the most XP per hour will have to be seen.

Obviously more data is needed, and as I get it, I will eventually have a spreadsheet to share with you all.  It would be nice if I knew enough to set up and add on to track all this.  18 rounds into the match and Eye of the Storm jumps into the lead for the most experience per hour in battlegrounds, but it is far from over.  And I haven’t even gotten a chance to play Isle of Conquest or Strand of the Ancients yet.  I’ll have more data for you when it becomes available.


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