It’s Friday!

So, this weekend is another weekend for leveling.  I’ve got some time with my daughters for Father’s Day.  Definitely spend some time in the BGs, although I have the feeling the one I will spend the most time in, I won’t actually be keeping records on.  AV is this weekends BG holiday and maybe I’ll keep records for a little bit just to compare how the XP is different on BG weekends compared to non-BG weekends.  And then capping off Sun night with some time running BWL with my wonderful Ally guild.

I updated stats on several of the BGs last night, but I thought, since I will want to compare XP come Monday for BG weekend in AV, I’d give you all the before stats.

Alterac Valley:

Record: 2-4

Total % of levels gained: 27.36%

Time played in seconds: 9669

% of level per match: 4.56%

% of level per minute: 0.17%

% of level per hour: 10.19%


I’ll keep track of 2 wins and 4 losses this weekend and while it won’t be definite, maybe it will give us an idea if there’s any type of bonus XP on those weekends


So what is everyone else up to this weekend?


2 Responses to “It’s Friday!”

  1. Finwe Says:

    I think it may provide another very interesting data point to split each BG to show your stats for wins, then your stats for losses. It may very well be that the BG weekend provides bonuses for winning but not for losing. Or that WG is awesome when you win, but it stinks for XP when you lose. I figure that what you’ve got so far includes that data (hopefully). If so, that might be another nice breakdown to see in the upcoming post.


    • feralinstincts Says:

      I do have that data. Right now, my breakdowns are more towards an general overview since I don’t have enough matches to be a sufficient sample size. When I finally get more data and the online spreadsheet ready for general consumption, it will be broken down between wins, losses and overall. And I’ll do that Monday for the Holiday weekend comparison of AV.


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