Alterac Valley vs Alterac Valley Weekend Cagematch

Thursday! Thursday! Thursday!

Yes, that’s right, it’s AV vs, well, AV.  The legendary battleground that in it’s heyday was known to run for days at a time.  I’m only going to take the first two wins and the first four losses, I’ll post the overall data for all the matches I ran in another post, so as not to dilute the point of this post.

So here is the roundup of AV stats on XP for non-battleground weekend matches:



Games Played: 2

% of levels gained: 11.15%

Time in Seconds: 2394

% of level per match: 5.575%

% of level per minute: 0.28%

% of level per hour: 16.77%




Games played: 4

% of levels gained: 16.21%

Time in seconds: 7275

% of level per match: 4.05%

% of level per min: 0.13%

% of level per hour: 8.02%




Record: 2-6

% of levels gained: 27.36%

Time in seconds: 9669

% of level per match: 4.56%

% of level per min: 0.17%

% of level per hour: 10.19%


Battleground Holiday Weekend



# of games: 2

% of levels gained: 28.18%

Time in seconds: 1442.

% of level per match: 14.09%

% of level per minute: 1.17%

% of level per hour: 70.35%




# of games: 4

% of levels gained: 15.41%

Time in seconds: 3124

% of level per match: 3.85%

% of level per min: 0.30%

% of level per hour: 17.76%




Record: 2-4

% of levels gained: 43.59%

Time in seconds: 4566

% of level per match: 7.27%

% of level per min: 0.57%

% of level per hour: 34.37%


The first thing that jumps out is that is a *huge* jump in XP from the non-holiday weekend battlegrounds.  However, as always, I have to wonder if there is a bias due to selection size.  The one thing that jumps out at me is the timing of the matches.  The 2 wins on the battleground weekend took 1442 seconds vs 2394 seconds on non-bg weekend matches.  The losses take 3124 seconds less than half of the 7275 seconds of their non-bg weekend counterparts.

I am just really not sure how much difference the battleground weekend makes, compared to the speed of the matches.  The losses on the weekend actually netted less XP per match; however, the speed of the matches netted more XP per hour.  I wish I had more data.  I’ll followup with a full BG weekend post shortly.


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