The Silence is Deafening

As of this writing, 44,678 replies and 551,088 views of the thread announcing the use of users real names on the World of Warcraft forums.  At first there were a few scattered replies by Blizzard posters clarifying things.  But it has been almost 72 hours since the most recent blue post, to me the silence seems to be screaming, “We don’t care!”

Maybe they expected this kind of outrage.

Maybe they were blissfully ignorant.

Yes, there are more than 200x the number of people who play the game than there are who replied to the thread.

Maybe we will be brushed off as the “vocal minority.”

Once the change takes place, I will never again post in the forums.

After it occurs and if I ever get directed to the forums for tech support or customer service I will turn and walk away from this game.

Hell, if they do not require their employees to post their full name as rumors have stated, again, goodbye Azeroth.  You don’t treat your customers, ultimately the people who pay your bills like that and expect to continue to get my business.  What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

The talent tree information release seems too convenient with too little details to be more than a diversion from the forums and RealID nightmare.  Nothing really to talk about there.

Click on the link above, let your opinion be heard, make it harder and harder to dismiss this as the wishes of a vocal minority.

And Blizzard, even though I doubt you’re reading this, don’t fall into the trap of thinking you are too big to fail and that’s why you can ignore the concerns of all those who posted.  You have the top MMO in the world and no game can surpass you without you letting it.  Take care of your gamers and respect their concerns and that goose will keep laying your golden eggs.  But things like this, could very much contribute to a great game’s untimely demise.

EDIT: As soon as I make this post, Blizzard decides to go back on it’s decision.  Real names will not be used on the forums.  Good job Blizzard! 🙂


One Response to “The Silence is Deafening”

  1. Chawa Says:

    In a situation like this I start to wonder how many players out there are aware of this annoucement. How many players out there are ignorant because they don’t read the forums, follow blue-posts or read any WoW-news site. 50% of all active accounts? More?

    I agree with you that to fight this, we’ve got to make our voices heard! I tried to log in to the forum to ‘cast my vote’ in that official thread and sadly, I couldn’t log into battlenet…. I’ll try again tonight.

    I would love to know how many accounts there were last week, compared to today. How many accounts became under-age just to get away from Real-ID?


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