Trinkets For Feral Kitties in 4.0.1

(EDIT: These numbers are confirmed for both pre and post damage buff.  # 1 & 2 are functionally equivalent.  #s 3 – 5 also have very little variation between them and the rest drop off from there.  So the gist is

#1 & 2 = tied for first

#s 3 – 5 = tied for third

The rest are what they are.)


(Note: This post was stared late last evening, before the hotfix to Kitty DPS went into effect.  However, having done the research, I figured I might as well post it.)

I’m not normally one to post gear lists, because I do understand that a *ton* of it will depend on what other gear you have.  However, last night, I sat down and examined all the trinkets, since so many stats have changed with the latest patch.  The best thing to do is figure these out on your own, using your own gear.

(For these rankings, I used my own gear, all 251 & 264, with the exception of the 277 Ashen Verdict ring and 245 bracers and neck.  Reforging was either crit or haste to mastery on all items, run through mew multiple times as stats changed to figure out which worked better.)

I found the results a little surprising myself, but that’s why I did it, because procs can often be a surprising thing:

1. Death’s Verdict (Heroic)

2. Sharpened Twilight Scale (Heroic)

There was approx a 0.1% difference in these two for the top spot.  If you’re luckily enough to have both, way to go, these are definitely the top 2.

3. Death’s Verdict

4. Sharpened Twilight Scale

5. Deathbringer’s Will (Heroic)

(These 3 are all about 1% down from the top 2.)

6. Whispering Fanged Skull (Heroic)

7. Deathbringer’s Will

8. Whispering Fanged Skull

9. Darkmoon Card: Greatness (AGI)

The longevity of DC:G has amazed me throughout this expansion.  When my Alliance side druid hit 80, post 30% buff in, it was in my top 5.  Although, I ended up getting better items first.  For those who don’t run 25s, it is essentially the 2nd BIS as the expansion is about to end.

10.  Herkuml War Token

11. Needle-Encrusted Scorpion

Out of my personal gear, I’ll end up using non-heroic DBW and Death’s Verdict.  And have doubts about getting anything above those two.  Assuming, of course, the damage hotfix didn’t change the entire list. 😉  If it did, once I play with the updated numbers, I’ll let you know what I find out again.


6 Responses to “Trinkets For Feral Kitties in 4.0.1”

  1. Alaron Says:

    Good stuff. I’ll be rolling with the same combo as you, though I may switch out DBW for DMC:G purely for old times’ sake. 🙂


  2. Russ Says:

    Of course I’m sporting #s 8 and 10. And the chance that I will get a better one before Cata is zilch. Blarg. Great post! 🙂


  3. zelmaru Says:

    I spent so much time trying to get that damn Needle-Encrusted Scorpion, only to login last night and realize it was now “nothing special.”


    • feralinstincts Says:

      That happens with all gear though. I wasn’t around for classic or BC. But I look back at items that dropped in some of the earlier dungeons/raids in Wrath and tell my friends, “Oooh, you don’t know how badly I used to want that.” or how hard I had to work to get it.

      Gear is by it’s very nature an exercise in planned obsolescence. The DC:G aside, not one of those items were around prior to ToC and all the “Ooooh, I wanted that” from ICC/RS will be long gone come the first Cata raid. Thus is the nature of WoW. How upset would you be if the expansion came out and you were better with the gear you had?


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