Looking at Talent Builds

I know what to grab to crank out the dps.  I’ve actually sacrificed some marginal DPS for survivability.  But now I’m revisiting.  I know I’m not along the lines of progression hard modes that some of my readers are.  I’m in a casual social guild, that likes to raid, a lot.  I know I take what I do a lot more seriously than some of the others in my guild.  And that’s cool.  To each their own.

The raid I am a co-leader on, has been grinding on Sindy.  We’ve gotten everyone else down, except her and LK.  This is the build I’ve set myself up with:

My Current Build

I’ve got Thick Hide (3/3) for those “Oh %#@#!” moments when a tank goes down, especially with the changes to Rebirth.   Then there’s Infected Wounds (2/2), I figure it’s an easy way to slow the Valks, once we finally get past Sindy.  But, obviously there are tradeoffs.  Doing the math real quick, I honestly should switch Primal Madness for Feral Aggression.  (~makes a note to change that~)  However, I look at Stampede and see how that burst could be really useful.  (Valks and some hard PP and Surpressors, etc.  We do have one kingslayer for HMs)  And then there’s Nurturing Instinct which makes my healers’ lives easier and goes the other way for “Oh %#@#!” moments, for when a healer goes down.

Decisions, decisions.


One Response to “Looking at Talent Builds”

  1. Rahl Says:

    We did sindy with 1 tank who was max frost res and in p3 i just quickly switched from kitty to bear to tank while he dropped stacks.

    Its a quick 8 secs max of taking in the face then the MT can switch back in and you can go dps again.



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