Thinking About Bear

Kitty is my schtick.  I study, I research, I devour information about how to get the most out of my kitty.

Bear is, ummm, ok I can tank if you need me to and I’ll use to solo old content.  And apparently, I’ve impressed guildies with my tanking skills, but it’s generally been more of an afterthought.  It’s, I can use half of my kitty gear and grab this piece or two and bam, there’s my bear set.

I spent a lot of time learning *how* to tank, but not so much for stats, etc.  My theory has been use kitty gear, if I can find a better bear piece, stick some stam gems/enchants on it and I’m good to go.  Well, I’ve been seeing posts on how OP Savage Defense is right now.  And I’m going to be a tank on heroic ICC 10 Fridays up until Cata launches and I’m going, “Maybe I should put a little more thought into my gear than usual for this.”  However, there seems to be a serious lack of consensus on where to go in this post 4.0.1 world.

Anyone need to know where to go in this crazy in between time? Or am I ok to stick with what I’ve got in heroic ICC 10?

In bear form unbuffed I’m looking at the following:

  • 51,275 health
  • 5,022 AP.
  • 6.93% hit.
  • 53.5% crit.
  • 26 expertise.
  • 12.51 mastery.
  • 29481 armor.
  • 47.84% dodge.

(I don’t have the 4pcT10 in these numbers, although, I have the last 2 pieces I just need to gem and enchant them.  Granted, what to gem and enchant with is part of the question.)

Any advice and or resources here would be a huge help.


6 Responses to “Thinking About Bear”

  1. Flawlless Says:

    I’m going into ‘talk-to-new tank-mode’, I know you probably know most of what I write, but I’ll write it anyway to be sure.

    You only need 23 Expertise to not be dodged right now, though that’s more for kitty ofc since bears need the extra expertise to avoid parrys.
    8% hit is very important, though I have problems with my DPSers not waiting for my threat to build on bosses, so I HAVE to get the first Mangle/Maul to hit.
    What I do:
    Reforge all haste to mastery, Gem for Stamina unless there’s an Agi/Stam bonus for a red socket, then I go with a Delicate gem, One yellow socket gets a Nightmare Tear so I can get a Agi/Stam Bonus – the others get Solids.
    Cloak gets Agility enchant, your gloves should get +hit enchant, Chest gets +10 stats, everything else I go with stamina(or Agility if there is no stamina)


  2. Ampzilla Says:

    You definitely want four piece t10, the extra damage reduction cool-down is invaluable.

    Stamina in sockets and the same enchants as pre-4.0 are still good practice.

    What’s I’ve done as far as reforging is used this priority:

    1) If it has haste, reforge it into hit or expertise until I have it at a comfortable level. (I’m right around hit cap and roughly 2.75% away from parry cap, which isn’t that big of a deal except on Halion which in Shadow realm (what I tank) on heroic 25 I’m taking far less damage now than pre-4.0 and I’m not concerned about the rare parry here and there as I use to be).
    2) If it has haste, reforge it to mastery
    3) If it doesn’t have haste, but has something other than dodge (ie. crit) reforge it to mastery
    4) If it doesn’t have haste or crit, but has dodge consider reforging some dodge into mastery

    Mastery is OP right now because of how OP savage defense is. You can literally absorb most of the damage you’ll take in 10 ICC heroic.

    Here is a good resource for a quick guide for Feral Tanking that basically covers what I just did a bit quicker though –

    Also glyphs are pretty simple and if you are using your kitty spec for tanking, try and maximize your survivability with Glyph of Frenzied Regeneration.


  3. Finwe Says:

    Your numbers look pretty good. You’ve generally got the right idea on what to do. For the most part, kitty gear is just fine for tanking, especially now that the dps jewelry pieces are better than the strength tanking pieces. (rings, necklace, and cloak)

    Besides stamina, agility is also a very strong stat for a bear. You won’t lose much if you have your cat gear gemmed for agility versus a dedicated tank with more stamina gems. Particularly in your case though, you’ll want to use stamina in any of your pure bear gear. This should keep you on par with the other tanks. And like ampzilla said above, be sure to get your 4-piece tier 10 gear. It may not be as critical today as it was before 4.0, but it’s still a huge benefit.

    One key area that there is no good overlap on gear is the trinket. You’ll want to grab two tanking trinkets as soon as you can. (The ones you can get with justice points aren’t best in slot, but they are a great place to start. Every bear wants stamina and armor, although pure stamina trinkets tend to be stronger for us.)

    I don’t know if mastery or dodge is a stronger stat for us now, but all of my gear is reforged to mastery, since it also performs very well for cats.


    • feralinstincts Says:

      I’ve had the bear trinkets forever now. ~”fondly” remembes grinding ToC over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over for that Black Heart~

      I was using the Glyph of Indomitability and the Black Heart, but I just grabbed the Skelly key to replace the heart. Although, I keep thinking in the back of my head, more AP = bigger bubbles, but don’t really feel like running the math.

      And after adding the T10, the only things left that Kitty and Bear share are:

      Idol of the Crying Moon – Not buying a second to swap 20 agi for 30 stam. 😉

      Vengeful Noose – the 90 stam for 50 AGI and 10 Crit may be worth it, but ~shrugs~

      Distant Land w/ Mongoose – again only gems different 40 agi vs 60 stam.

      Ashen Band of Endless Vengeance – I can’t beat the stats on a 277 ring.

      The thing that is puzzling me is the cloak, I’m currently using a Shawl of Nerubian Silk. I look at the 264 badge cloaks, but that is a *ton* of hit and expertise to have to make up for. I don’t worry about those stats on Kitty. (And SD proccing.) But switching my chest and gloves to T10 has my hit down to +4.26%. I hate to gem or give up mastery for it though…


  4. Rahl Says:

    I would highly recommend 4pc T10 even if you just use your kitty versions.
    An extra CD is very much needed.
    Reforge any Haste / Crit to mastery as much as possible.

    Ashen band is great for bears. I generally favor +Agi rings anyway as str does nothing for mitigation. (This is the way blizz wants us to gear for Cata too)

    /gl with tanking


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