Achievement Escort Race

So, along the way, my fiancee and one of our officers paid to transfer/faction change my old main to Garrosh for an early birthday present.  This gave me a toon with more of my achievement points.  In the two months since, she has become my main again and I’ve been slowly working my way up the guild ranks in total achievement points.

Last Wed, I was down 35, from 2nd place in the guild.  That night, bam, Twilight Assist (10 player)Twilight Duo (10 player), and The Twilight Zone (10 player).  Along with More Dots! (10 player) and bam, I should be in 2nd.

I go to check before logging, apparently, I’m down 5, I got stiffed ‘cuz she got Siffed (10 player) that evening. 😉

The next day I tease her about it and the race between us to take over 1st is on.

She pops off another 40 on the 11th to put me down 45.

I know I’ve got to get back in the hunt, that night, I grab another 30.  And set up an Uld achievement run for Sat night, because Uld has 50-bazillion achievements.  (I’m not kidding, go count them.)

Well, most of the achievements we got that evening I already had, but I managed to knock out a few new ones.  I went to bed that night up 15 and a happy camper.

I log in the next morning, less than 12 hours later…and I’m down 55. O.O

She had never done the squirrels and pest control achievements and knocked those out while I slept, along with a few more.  I was able to scrape out another 40 points yesterday, a blitz actually worked in AV, (O.O) when I just queued up for rep and she banged out another 10, so I’m down 25, with Harvest Festival coming up…and she hasn’t done it before, which is an easy 100.  I’ve got my work cut out for me.

Current score:

Feral Instincts: 7370

Officer: 7395

#1 Score: 7830

(Crosses fingers that my 10 man tonight finally downs the LK.)


3 Responses to “Achievement Escort Race”

  1. Bregni Says:

    Good luck tonight and with your achievement race!


  2. Saniel Says:

    LOL. That’s awesome.

    I’m kind of an achievement hound, too. I was #1 in my guild a few months into Wrath when I started paying attention. I dropped down as low as #3 at one point, but climbed back.

    Mid-May 2009 I actually cracked the top 100 on my server (that didn’t last long).

    I’ve been trying to get to 8000 before Cata, though I don’t know if I can do it.

    I still have all of Pilgrim’s Bounty to do this year. That’s an easy 100. And I’m one kill away from getting One Light in the Darkness (10) (good for 30 because it will include Two Lights… and Three Lights…) and Glory to the Ulduar Raider (10). I’m also one kill away from Call of the Grand Crusade (10) and A Tribute to Skill (10). (We almost had A Tribute to Mad Skill (10) last night.)

    And if I can drag a caster through Scholo, I’ll get that, plus Classic Dungeonmaster.

    I’m also 99/100 on Looking for Multitudes. As I have been for months.

    Getting all those would leave me at 7890. No idea where I’d get the rest.

    Good luck on your quest for #1!


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