A New WTF Moment

So, after downing Ony without the achieve last night, we went to skin her.

It told me I could not, that it required skinning skill of 470.

Even if I had a Finkle’s Skinner and gloves with Enchant Gloves – Skinning, I couldn’t pull this off.  It would take someone who could dual wield, having some combination of 2 of either/or/both of Finkle’s Skinner and Zulian Slicer.



2 Responses to “A New WTF Moment”

  1. Bregni Says:

    I went to herb a boss in Old Kingdom only to be told it required 455 herbing!


  2. Per Says:

    Same with Elementals in Ulduar, the stone ones require 455 mining, they didn’t use to.


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