We’re not competitive at all.

So the race has been on between me and the officer for achievements and I have to say, we aren’t competitive at all. 😉  Lets look at where I’ve stood the past few days.

Sat Morning: In 2nd Up 25

Sun Morning: In 2nd Up 75

Mon Morning: In 3rd Down 15

Tues Morning: In 3rd Down 105

In those 4 days, I’m up 80 points, the officer is up 200.  However, I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve still.  Don’t count a kitty out until it’s over. 😉

Current Score:

Feral Instincts: 7490 (Up 120 from 11/15.)

Officer: 7595 (Up 200 from 11/15.)

#1 Score: 7840 (Up 10 from 11/15.)

And the LK didn’t go down last night again, but we hit Phase 3 for the first time, those points will be mine, eventually.

And #1 Score needs to get on the ball if he doesn’t want to get passed soon. 🙂


2 Responses to “We’re not competitive at all.”

  1. Saniel Says:

    Awesome! Keep going!

    I’ve been making some progress, too. Got some of the achieves I was going for as well as a couple unexpected ones. I’m hoping that, since I’ve completed Loremaster, when all the new “Complete X quests in YZone” achievements go live, I manage to auto-snatch a few of them. 8K before Cata is still possible!


    • feralinstincts Says:

      This week I’m mainly doing rep grinds to take maximum benefit of the Spirit of Sharing buff. Unfortunately, due to the server transfer/faction change of my main, I doubt I’ll get any automatic “Complete X quests in Y Zone.” Which will give me even more to try and plow through. Luckily, I can make back 70 points of that lead by finishing up the AT, in the next week or so. 🙂


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