Odds and Ends

Maybe I’m far too practical.  The world explodiated.  I was on vent with my guildies as they were going “Wow!” and “Oooh and ahh!”  Where was I?  Using my 10% rep bonus for Ogri’la, Frenzyheart, Netherwing, and Violet Eye.  I figure I need to take care of the limited time bonus while I can.  I’ll check out the new stuff soon.


Maybe I’m OCD, but for the last bit, I’ve been keeping track of the Achievement points on the toons for the great achievement race.  It’s really odd to watch them take a nosedive, since the points don’t generally go down.

Post 4.0.3a standings as of this morning:

Feral Instincts: 7360

Officer: 7475

#1 Score: 7720

This actually ties back into the first part of this post.  The other two are rushing around doing new achievements.  Me, I’ll take my 10% rep bonus this week and then blow out the achievements they’re using to get ahead quickly.  Short term setback for long term gain. 🙂


Anyone know the deal with Glory of the Raider?  They still list Undying/Immortal as part of the meta even though those have become Feats of Strength.  Are they still obtainable?  Or is the meta unattainable at this point?


For those who haven’t read it elsewhere, they are going to fix our meta.  I’m just going to run with it unactivated until they do.



Finally, what are your thoughts on this brave new world we have embarked on?



3 Responses to “Odds and Ends”

  1. Alaron Says:

    Man, that’s a good point. I should be grinding Netherwing eggs. (I’ve been semi-regularly doing the Nether-rays/bombing quests (and just those) in Blades Edge since I need both Skyguard and Ogri’la rep.)

    I have to go see if there’s a new source for Steamwheedle rep now…


  2. Vallen Says:

    Just a couple of thoughts…

    There is confirmation that Herald of Titans is obtainable as a feat of strength now on the achievement forums. Most likely Immortal/Undying are the same train of thought.

    As for the meta, most likely it will complete without immortal/undying just like it did for icc when then 10 man meta completed without neck deep in vile (even thought it still appeared on it).

    Finally, i lost 280 points because of achievement changes. (grr)


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