Monday Morning Miscellanea

Oh, I needed a 4 day weekend.  But coming back to work Mon, I think I need another one. 😉


First of all, the great achievement race:

FI: 7460 (Up 90 from start and up 110 post 4.0.3a)

Officer: 7515 (Up 120 from start and up 40 post 4.0.3a)

#1 Guildie: 7760 (Down 70 from start and up 40 post 4.0.3a)

We’re gaining on #1.  And tonight, I finally re-finish the AT, for plus 50 DKP achievement points!

Rep week was good to me.  I managed to get exalted with:

Shattered Sun Offensive


Violet Eye

Thorium Brotherhood

Along with major gains with Ogri’la and the Puppymen.  I’m so glad to be done with Netherwing, by the time I was done there were 9 dailies out there!


Speaking of rep, they buffed the hell out of Thorium Brotherhood rep.  Turn ins are as follows:

10 Dark Iron Ore: 300 Rep

2 Core Leather: 1400 Rep

Blood of the Mountain, Fiery Core & Lava Core: 2,000 Rep


I’m kinda irked that I didn’t get at least a FoS for Keymaster.


I think that’s it for now folks.  Will have more kitty and maybe bear stuff soon(tm).


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