Ding-Dong the Lich is Dead!

I’ve been wanting to use that title for a long, long time now.

Needless to say, last night I finished the Argent Tournament dailies for 50 achievement points!

Oh wait, that’s silly and not while I’m grinning this morning. ūüėČ


Last night, my Monday night raid team downed the Lich King.

It was our 5th week of grinding on him. ¬†And at 10:57, we decided to give it one more go, despite our 11pm end time. ¬†I was hoping folks still wanted to go after that, but at the same time, was absolutely dying for a smoke. ¬†Just about then, our bear tank’s vent went all sorts of wonky. ¬†While he was trying to fix it, we went ahead and called 5. ¬†We never quite could get it working right. ¬†So, we just decided to do it with him not on vent.

It was going like normal. ¬†Phase 1 and transition, no problems. ¬†Phase 2, valks went down, no one stood in the defile. ¬†Holy cow this is going pretty good. ¬†Transition 2, no mess ups here…you mean we actually have all 10 of us going into Phase 3! ¬†Woohoo! ¬†Hmm, there goes one healer, that could be trouble. ¬†Burn baby burn. ¬†Down to 15% My focus totally on my rotation, the LK and his health %. ¬†If I had defile in that moment, I would have been in big big trouble. ¬†His health was dropping and I was going to see that bastard go down.

9%, he wipes us. ¬†My co-raid leader, one of our healers, goes “What the hell!” ¬†I laugh.

“We did it! ¬†Don’t release!” ¬†(I know it’s not supposed to let you, but I don’t want to take chances.)

Laughter over vent, disbelief, etc.

And then as we get rezzed, my game stops responding.  O.O

“You have been Disconnected from the server.”


I’m still on vent.

Did I get credit?  Did that count?

Password.  Authenticator.  Connecting.

Panicked…I get all the way into the game. ¬†Press Y. ¬†And there stand at the top of my recent achievements:

Fall of the Lich King (10 player) and The Frozen Throne (10 player).

I sigh with relief.  I think I need another smoke after that.

OMG, I was still grinning when I woke up exhausted this morning. ¬†It’s been amazing to watch this team grow and develop together. ¬†And we did it. ¬†We may not be the best players in the world and on the cutting edge of progression. ¬†But every night we went out there and laughed and joked and had fun. ¬†And we did it, before the level cap was raised. ūüėČ ¬†Thanks to all my teammates, it was a hell of a ride.

And now I need to go find a copy of that cinematic I missed.


2 Responses to “Ding-Dong the Lich is Dead!”

  1. Goodmongo Says:

    Way to go and congratz on the LK win. I don’t care what people have said about WOTLK. This was the first expansion or content where a decent percentage of players actually got to see the end boss and beat him. And that to me is the real definition of a good game. Once again gratz on the Kingslayer title.


  2. Eliah Says:

    Congratulations ūüôā

    You can watch the cinematic by right-clicking that annoying fountain in the middle of Dalaran, by the way.


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