Cataclysm for the Feral Druid, What Now?

I know a lot of what I’ve been posting lately has been fluff; however, I haven’t had much time for theorycrafting and the like.  So I thought I would do for Cata, what I did for 4.0.1 and give you a roundup of information.

Well, Allison Robert, over at WoW Insider, beat me to it.

Go bookmark it to help tear face through the levels.


No word yet on how the Undying works post patch to get the meta Glory of the Raider, I keep looking.

I keep hoping that they’ll give us a Feat for the Keymaster, but no word on that either.


The first night in a week I take a laid back approach and don’t earn any achievement points and the officer knocks out 40 to take a 10 point lead.  No rest for the wicked I suppose. 😉


And I think I need to do some research into the ICC 10 Heroics this week.  We’re getting further and further in and I want to be prepared. 🙂


3 Responses to “Cataclysm for the Feral Druid, What Now?”

  1. Saniel Says:

    It’s tough to write guides when “competing” against people that were actually in the Beta. I’m pretty much deferring to Allison and Alas for most of that now and not even bothering.

    I’ll catch up on the analysis front when 4.1 starts coming down the tubes.


  2. WoW Druid Says:

    It’s tough to find the time to play, post and actually get everything done in the real world. Gratz on Lich!


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