Rawr! Heroic Cata Dungeon FTW

Big in game news coming out soon(tm) for me.  Have to wait for the official announcement thought.

Due to kids and real life responsibilities etc, I was a slacker and didn’t hit 85 until Sat evening.  Worked my way through a few regular dungeons Sunday and Monday, which went relatively painlessly.

And then last night, I gathered some guildies together for a heroic run.  We were only able to get 4 of us, but we queued up for a random with a dungeon finder dps and away we went.

Vortex Pinnacle, hmmm, I haven’t done this on regular, this could be interesting.

Trash goes fairly smooth.  In discussion we find out this is the first heroic for every person in the group.  I’m not real clear on remembering the first boss in there.   This ended up being a 3.5 hour run.  We either 1 or 2 shot him, although, IIRC the tank went down and I was tanking by the end of the fight.

Then we get to the second boss, Altairus.  This was our bottleneck for the evening.  Wipe after wipe after wipe.  After a few wipes in, we invited the pug to join us on vent to see if discussion there helps.  For a couple of us, including myself, we had never been there before, even on regular.  It was a process, figuring out how to avoid the whirlwinds and keep “upwind” of the boss.  This was by far the longest part of the evening.  It felt like we were wiping on a raid boss.  Finally we decided to give it another try or two then call it.  That’s when we get him down.  It wasn’t a work of art by any stretch of the imagination.  Hell, I think every boss kill in there, healer would oom and I would end up tanking the end of the fight blowing all my cooldowns, but that said, we are only barely geared enough for Heroics as well and *we did it*.  We got through it all, and a definite shout out to Nebuchadnezr from Sisters of Elune.  How many random pugs do you know who will stick with a Heroic for over 3 hours with wipe after wipe on bosses as you learn it all together?  Wish Blizz would give me a way to group with you again on purpose.

I’m looking forward to seeing how my second heroic goes tonight.


One Response to “Rawr! Heroic Cata Dungeon FTW”

  1. Saniel Says:

    A few of my guildies did H VP last night for our first guild-group heroic run. They got though it (I have no idea how long it took), but they all sounded more demoralized than thrilled to have beat it by the end.

    I’m still trying to gain that one last iLvl before I can give them a shot.


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