A Feral Cat Loose in the Arena

So, I’m pretty bad at this point, but I hope to get better and see what my furry butt can do in the land of Arenas.  I hear over and over that the arenas are not the place for ferals and maybe they’re right.  But that doesn’t mean I still won’t give it a go.

My first week started off rather unceremoniously.  1-10 in matches in 3v3.  Our win was our first game, the doors opened and there was no one there. But with some tinkering, we’ve decided to go 2 boom and 1 feral and are gearing the booms up.  I’m excited about this week and know we can beat the 1-10 this time around. 🙂

My twos on the other hand, was an exciting start.  We’re going feral and spriest with the appropriate name, “Moar Dots!”  We walked into the arena and got our asses handed to us our first game.  I could hear the frustration in my fiancée’s voice.  She was frustrated and this may not go for long.  But then, the amazing thing happened, we won the next game.  And that followed by a few very close games in a row.  Our hands were shaking, our hearts were pounding, what a rush.  My sweetie (a tailor) whipped herself up a set of crafted resilience gear and we were at it again!  12 matches in and we were 5-7.  Not outstanding, but it was a lot of fun and we were, ya’ know, not losing them all!  There was I think 3 matches out of the 12 that weren’t close, including our first one ever.

We decided to go for one or two more Monday night right before bed.  That was a bad idea.  As the beds waited us, our minds were not as sharp as the afternoon matches we had done before.  The first was close, the second we were destroyed.  So, my first piece of arena advice is, don’t do it when you’re tired.  If slow reaction time is rough on everyone in pve, it’s doubly so in pvp, when you don’t know the what is coming.

The nice thing, to me, about pvp lately is the time commitment.  (I’ve been running a lot of bgs too.)  I can generally know approximately how long it’s going to run.  When I’m facing a heroic, I know I could be facing anywhere from 1 to 4 hours.  Arenas are super quick and I know in most cases BGs are going to run me less than a half hour.

Anyway, time for me to go farm up some leather for my Boomkin 3s. 🙂  Although as a side note, I almost wish we could change our team name on that.  “Boom Chicka Boom” or “Cat in the Henhouse” seems more appropriate. 🙂


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2 Responses to “A Feral Cat Loose in the Arena”

  1. Fallenleaves Says:

    Just to let you know, in cataclysm, Feral is a viable arena spec for druids. Just go watch some of Zybak’s videos on youtube. I believe his channel is http://www.youtube.com/Zybaktv. He also does videos for machinima. I hope I am allowed to mention these websites on your blog. Hope this helps any : )


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