Musings on My Feral Druid PvP Spec

Fallenleaves provided me a link yesterday about running feral in arenas, which I haven’t had a chance to review yet, but I’ve been rolling my approach around in my head.

My original approach to arenas was to play like a rogue and stun lock the kill target.  Pounce, mangle, ravage, maim, generate a couple cp, get the dots ticking, shift, bash, and hope to finish them off shortly after.  And that might still be a good idea on healers.  However, on my twos team, I noticed how quickly that would go to the wayside.

While stuns are still part of the picture, looking at the overall picture, dots and survivability go hand in hand.  The longer I can keep myself up, obviously, the longer my dots have to work.

So I’m taking a good hard look at my talent tree.  Currently I’m running with this talent tree for arena.

To me, the notable items missed are:

Primal Madness: Without 4pc T10 for bears, this is a fairly useless PvE talent.  If you play smart in PvE, you’re in little danger of capping energy and the extra 20 energy just isn’t worth it on a long fight.  In Arenas however, with stuns and roots and etc, energy capping is a very real possibility and that extra energy over a two minute fight could prove invaluable.

Natural Reaction: If I’m at a point where I’m going bear in the arena, that means I definitely need some survivability at that point and 12% less damage taken seems very appealing to that concept.  (Usually means I’m popping frenzied regeneration to up my health as well.)  With the exception of two melee on me, in that scenario, I go bear to pop berzerk and watch them drop. 😉  (Going one on one with a rogue who had more heath than me at the end of a 2s match and winning by going bear before popping back to kitty is suh-weet!)

Perseverance: I’m currently running 1/3 in this talent, but damn those extra two points seem appealing especially after writing “The longer I can keep myself up, obviously, the longer my dots have to work.”  This is the talent I think is bugging me the most to not have 3/3 I just don’t know where the hell to pull the points from.

Thoughts?  Opinions?  See something I missed?


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2 Responses to “Musings on My Feral Druid PvP Spec”

  1. Dai Says:

    I’m not a huge fan of thick hide in arena as If im going bear its usuallly a bad sign (most of the time your better losing when you need to get away and getting healed in cat).

    point for point preservance is our best survival talent- and I strongly recommend 3/3


  2. Dai Says:

    that should have read “LOS ing” as in line of sight ><


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