~grumble grumble grumble~

So, crafted epics got gem slots, woot!

So, lesee what we got…

Blacksmiths: Except for the shields, we got gem slots on our purps!

Tailors: Us too, woot!

Leatherworkers: So what do you need?

Me: Assassin’s Chestplate!

Leatherworker: Ain’t no gem slot there.

Me: WTF?!?!?

~checks my Belt of Nefarious Whispers~

Leatherworker: You won’t find one there without a belt buckle either.

Me: ~grumbles~

Leatherworker: It seems that AGI is SoL.  Those hunters and Enhance Shammys got not sockets either.  Now if you want some casty leather or mail, I can hook you up!

Me: ~grumbles more and walks away~


2 Responses to “~grumble grumble grumble~”

  1. Arielle Says:

    Apparently those items missing a socket is a bug.

    Also, thx for the links!


  2. Rahl Says:

    I think its terrible the way they treat us Agi classes, terrible i tell ya! 😉

    I have all the mats saved for Assassins and was waiting for the gem slot before i crafted. Without its only just better than the JP chest and i’m thinking its not worth the cost to upgrade.

    Would be nice for blizz to let us know why.


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