Back in the Saddle…er Flight Form?

Lets start with, “I love my freaking work ‘net connection!”  Less than an hour and a half to download the entire PTR.

Needless to say I’m back.  After all the work insanity and a period of time where I was pretty darn sick (including an ER visit and nearly a week in bed), I’m ready to bring back the kitty love!

First of all, I have a confession to make, I have begun to stray from the righteous path of feral/feral specs.  After reading Allison’s post on some of the challenges of former trees lately, I have begun to put together a…resto set.  That’s not to say I plan on abandoning either bear or my one true love of kitty.  I guess I may just be going through that awkward experimentation phase and the talent resetter may be making some cash off of me.   WTB Moar Specs!  Granted, I haven’t played a healer since I was a cleric in EQ.  I stare at the spell book during combat to regain mana faster, right?  I’m sure I’ll figure it out.  I’m doing some scouring of the web for information already.

So, as I mentioned, the PTR is now happily installed on my laptop and I’m ready to jump in and see what I can see that’s new and exciting and will probably change the moment I make a post on in. 😉

Arena’s been going ok.  Been popping up and down from about a 1350 – 1450 in 2s, can’t ever seem to pass that 1500 hump.  My partners for my 3s team stopped playing WoW, so I may wait until next season to try it again.  And then in 5s, I think we ran two weeks in a row and I haven’t heard anything about it since.  Again, maybe a dedicated, core group next season, it’s always best in the beginning before everyone gears up.

Due to all the craziness with the work and sickness, I haven’t raided in a while.  I left my team in capable hands and they definitely got some bosses down.  I may rejoin in the next couple of weeks, I’m itching to shred some boss face.

Achievements, I gots some!  Granted, I also got passed for 1st in the guild in achievements.  I have work to do.

But I’m back, watch this space for posts hopefully much more informative than this. 🙂



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