First Impression of the PTR

So, last night I log in and boot up the PTR for the first time.

Woo!  My main and a fully decked out premade are there waiting for me.  And the gear on the pre-made made me drool.  (Although, my main has a better PvP set.)  Gem, enchant, fly around a bit was all I was able to do, but today I’m on the case to make the PTR, playable.

See, I didn’t think of the fact that, well, I had no addons, all my macros were gone, etc.  Basically the PTR is a clean copy of the game and while the game is technically playable that way, I miss my stuff, especially my zoom out macro, I forgot how close to your toon the base game keeps the camera.

I may take advantage of the PTR to overhaul my UI.  I attempted to do so once upon a time and well, it didn’t go so well.  It ended up choking my computer heavily and my numbers dropped like a rock due to the extreme lag.  This time, I’m going to try and see what I can mod, while hopefully keeping the changes as low impact on my memory footprint as possible, because it’s honestly time for a change.  I feel cluttered and could use some more macros.

And this time I also have the advantage of Addon Control Panel, hopefully that will help as I play with things.


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